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Greek Life

Greek Life

Greek Life at Doane University is the largest student organization with over 280 active members in fraternities and sororities. Membership creates immediate support networks, meaningful friendships, and connections that last a lifetime.

Many alumni consider their Greek experience to be one of the most worthwhile, developmentally meaningful and enjoyable components of their well-rounded education from Doane.

Fraternities & Sororities
Doane has five fraternities and four sororities. Each was founded at Doane and retains its local affiliation. Learn more about each organization below, or by reading the fall issue of The Greek Gazette.



Read more about their rich history, unique values and culture providing students an opportunity to find the right fit and pledge!

Leadership: Now and Later
Students in Greek organizations have strong academic records and representation in athletics, theatre, music, and leadership positions over the university's rich history. Greek Life also offers a variety of leadership positions within each organization and on the Greek Council. Some groups provide training in valuable life-after-college skills, mentoring, and career guidance while at Doane and after graduation.

Greek alumni tend to continue to set the pace by becoming physicians, school administrators, U.S. Congressmen, Hollywood actors, business executives, scholars and teachers, and legendary coaches. The majority of Doane's Board of Trustees are Greek alumni. No other student organization has produced as many successful graduates and leaders.

Inter-Greek Alumni Association
In 2013, President Jacque Carter established the IGAA to provide strategic leadership, oversight to operations and support for the Greek system's success. The IGAA is composed of senior alumni representing each of its nine organization. The IGAA is working with active Greek organizations and Doane staff to help assure that the Greek system will continue to improve and provide an excellent experience for generations to come.

Doane University has a strictly enforced policy against hazing of pledge candidates, and individual groups accept new members by invitation without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. All Doane University Greek Life organizations are expected to follow all facets of the Student Handbook, including Student Rights & Responsibilities.