Omega Psi Theta Sorority

To help Omega Psi Theta by assessing our own dignity, integrity, and stature, not in an effort to be better than each other, but to be better than our former selves. And with this examination, to grow by caring about others, especially our sisters. To unite more firmly in the bonds of friendship.  To work toward general improvement, and to function as a constructive body within the social and academic realms of the college community. 

Omega Psi ThetaMascot:  Flamingo (social atmosphere of sisterhood and the unity of the flock)

Symbol:  Wheel (continuity of friendship and sisterhood, yet expresses individuality and mutual respect)

Flower:  Sweet Pea (beauty of joined sisterhood and special hopes, wishes and dreams)

President - Kacy Loos

Adviser: Pat Bohling & Mackenzie Maly



In 1916, the size of Doane's student body had increased to the point where it was felt that a 3rd sorority was needed.  To satisfy this need, a new sorority was formed. Founded in 1916, Omega Psi Theta encourages individual involvement and personal growth of all its members, as well as service to the college and community.  Loyalty, friendship, trust, and respect among the sisters of Omega Psi Theta are nurtured through service events, work projects, and social activities.  Unfortunately, the sorority was forced to disband due to low numbers in 1929, but the group was reactivated in 1949.  

Omega Psi Theta places special importance on scholarship, community service, and individuality.  Academics are held in high regard, with a minimum GPA requirement and group study hours held on a bi-weekly basis.  Community service is also extremely important to the group.


In the past years, Omega Psi Theta has participated in service projects including highway clean-up, Crochet for a Cause, Relay for Life, the Conquer Chiari walk, and more. Omega Psi Theta's main philanthropy is Drunk Driving Prevention. The ladies of Omega Psi Theta bring awareness to this cause by hosting Sally Smith Week in honor of an alumni who died in a drunk driving accident as well as other events throughout the academic year. 

Minimum GPA to Join: 2.5