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Master of Arts in Management

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A Master of Arts in Management degree can help you manage and lead in any industry. It can open doors to graduate-level positions. It can also help with life outside the office.
Our premier program in Nebraska places organizational leadership in a liberal arts context. As a graduate you will:  
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with others
  • Apply economic, financial and managerial theories to meet organizational goals
  • Develop skills of leadership that apply to either for-profit or nonprofit organizations, such as corporations, hospitals, churches, museums, schools and social service organizations
  • Present and implement solutions to address business problems

Unique Program Features

  • Tailored to the needs of working adults. Course times are flexible and run in short, eight-week terms.
  • Focus on applied learning, which provides you practical experience in your professional career and promotes your development as both a leader and manager.
  • Class sizes are kept to 15 to 20 students, so that you receive the personal attention you deserve.

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Program Information

Ground cost per credit hour: $391
Online cost per credit hour:  $475
Online technology fee: $30 per credit
Total online cost per credit hour: $505

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BUS 602 - Human Resource Management (3)
BUS 660 - Business Intelligence (3)
BUS 661 - Business Process Modeling (3)
BUS 662 - Database Management (3)
BUS 663 - Data Mining Concepts (3)
BUS 664 - Cyber Security (3)
BUS 645 - Issues in Health Policy (3)
BUS 646 - Healthcare Economics and Finance (3)
BUS 647 - Public Health Leadership and Advocacy (3)
BUS 648 - U.S. Healthcare System (3)
BUS 649 - Management of Healthcare Organizations (3)
BUS 625 - Strategic Human Capital Management (3)
BUS 626 - Developing Talent (3)
BUS 627 - Compensation and Benefits (3)
BUS 628 - Legal Issues and Public Policy (3)
BUS 629 - Employee and Labor/Union Relations (3)
BUS 609 - Leadership in Political, Social, and Economic Contexts (3)
BUS 620 - Managing Change (3)
BUS 622 - Leadership in Organizations (3)
BUS 636 - Introduction to Project Management (3)
BUS 665 - Supply Chain Management (3)
BUS 666 - Managing Global Logistics (3)
BUS 667 - Operations Analysis (3)
BUS 668 - Supply Chain Management Strategies (3)
BUS 655 - Public Administration: Issues and Context (3)
BUS 656 - Public Finance and Budgeting (3)
BUS 657 - Non-profit Management and Governance (3)
BUS 658 - Fundraising and Philanthropy (3)
BUS 659 - Marketing for Nonprofits (3)
BUS 637 - Initiating and Planning Projects (3)
BUS 638 - Executing and Closing Projects (3)
BUS 639 - Monitoring and Controlling Projects (3)
BUS 785 - Leadership from the Inside Out (3)
BUS 786 - The "Person" as Leader Coach: Basic Competencies (2)
BUS 787 - Coaching Others Toward Success: Skills Competency Application (2)
BUS 788 - Creating a Value-Added Leadership Legacy (2)
BUS 685 - Research Methods (3)
BUS 790 - The Research Proposal (3)
BUS 798 - Data Collection and Analysis (3)
BUS 634 - Econometrics (3)
BUS 640 - Analytics and Decision Sciences (3)

Emphasis Areas:

Human Resource Management

Focus on employee relations, compensation, management, and personnel law. Those interested in the HRM emphasis will find that the courses and objectives align with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) certification exams. This emphasis will prepare recruiters, compensation managers, and generalists.


Encourages students to implement effective coaching, communication, and managerial methods in supervisory roles. The Leadership emphasis prepares emerging leaders by immersing them in the context and applications of leadership. This emphasis is applicable across all industries and management and leadership roles.

Project Management

Utilizes process creation, timeline development, and resource management to improve efficiency in a variety of industries including manufacturing, service, healthcare, government, and transportation. Those interested in the PM emphasis will find that the courses and objectives align with the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification exams.

Healthcare Administration

Incorporates business principles while helping students understand the context in which the healthcare system operates. This emphasis prepares candidates to lead and manage in the context of healthcare systems. Candidates will be prepared to serve in a leadership role following completion of this program.

Nonprofit and Public Administration

Considers the business side of the public sector including budgeting, policy analysis, and rational decision making. This emphasis prepares candidates to lead and manage in the context of public, government, and nonprofit systems.

Supply Chain Management

Explores supply chain metrics, consequences in supply chain decisions, and develops an understanding of the strategic components of logistics management within the context of global operations. Candidates interested in this emphasis will understand operations management, product fulfillment, and distribution functions.

Data Analytics

In the context of a world of data and data collection, learners will consider and explore how firms across all industries collect and analyze data in relation to customer personas, market trends, business intelligence, and cyber security.

Tailored Option: Build your own emphasis area

The tailored emphasis option lets students select key coursework of interest to them. Students choosing to do the tailored option can select courses from any of the emphasis areas as well as approved graduate business elective offerings.

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Dana Miller

Director of Developing Leader Coaches Capstone Program
CPS Graduate Business
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Kathie Court

Director of Research & Scholarship
CPS Graduate Business
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Cathy Dillon

Director of Academic Advising
CPS Graduate Business
Levi Bennett - Master of Arts in Management, Developing Leadership Emphasis

Success Story

I know I am a better husband, father, and person for attending Doane.

Levi Bennett ’16

Master of Arts in Management, Developing Leader Coaches Capstone

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Sisters Christina & Mana Farahani

Success Story

We've had such a great experience at Doane with the people, the classes, being able to lead and manage in our outside lives, professionally and personally.

Christina & Mana Farahani ’15

Master of Arts in Management, Leading Edge

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