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The entrepreneurship program at Doane University prepares students to become future business owners and leaders by developing the knowledge and practices needed to be successful in solving existing problems through creativity and innovation. Students are exposed to organizational development, marketing, financial viability and sound business planning. They have the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs through mentorship, class visits and case studies. The program is action-based, providing students with agency in their own progress bringing their passion, experience and talents together.

Involvement in the entrepreneurship program at Doane University will complement any major or discipline and add to the value of their liberal arts education.

Go for Launch Entrepreneurship Workshop

Entrepreneurship Minor
Entrepreneurship Certificate
Faculty and Staff
Lisa Tschauner, Assistant Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship

Lisa Tschauner - Assistant Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship

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OWN Student Entrepreneurship Organization
OWN Student Group

The mission of this organization is to prepare student entrepreneurs through real world experiences and empower them to be creative thinkers by providing resources, opportunities, and an inclusive environment.

All Doane University students are welcome to join OWN. There is not a fee to join, only active participation is required. 

We aim to create meaningful leadership opportunities for Doane students through the activities listed below:

  • Hosting the Big Idea Doane competition in the fall semester
  • Bringing dynamic alumni, leaders and speakers to campus to motivate students
  • Offering various social events to encourage networking
  • Professional engagement through hands-on projects working with real businesses
  • Challenging and competitive business problem-solving
  • Direct experience in the business world through travel and company tours

Our first meeting of the year will be:

OWN Meeting
Wednesday, Sept. 6th @ 7:00
Nyrop Hall

Join us for an overview of the organization, to learn about leadership opportunities as well as fun and food!

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to any of our organizational leaders:

Chief Executive Officer - Zack Perez
Chief Operating & Marketing Officer - Alyssa Luebke
Chief Information Officer - Brian Mierzejewski
Chief Financial Officer - Cole Essex
OWN Advisor - Lisa Tschauner, Assistant Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship


Doane University delivers on its mission of creating distinctive educational experiences that create leaders. We do this by offering unique programming opportunities for our dynamic students, both current and future. In the Entrepreneurship Department, our goal is to bridge the gap between higher education and the business world allowing students to network with experts and professionals in their field of interests. It is our goal to provide entrepreneurship education through a global lens as well as serving our local economies. We accomplish this by offering experiential learning through activities outside of the traditional classroom such as idea competitions, hands-on, real-world business challenges, innovative product and service design projects, community activities, and much more. We empower students to take agency in their educational journey by cultivating valuable relationships with mentors, professional advisors, and their peer networks at Doane University and beyond.

Go For Launch

Big Idea Doane

Career Information

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