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Doane’s Agribusiness program prepares individuals to manage agricultural businesses, giving them a strong foundation to build the future of agriculture. A degree in Agribusiness includes a unique blend of agricultural sciences curriculum as well as coursework with a strong foundation in economics and business management. This combination gives our graduates the experience they need to lead and achieve in the agricultural industry.

The future of agriculture will require economic innovation as well as scientific. At Doane, our Agribusiness program is built to prepare students for that future. Our unique approach focuses on key areas shaping the future of the industry: sustainability, technology, and the global market. Upon completion of the Agribusiness program, our students will have the knowledge and experience to grow more than just crops.

Doane’s Agribusiness program prepares students for employment in a wide variety of fields including business finance, international agriculture, agricultural marketing, policy formation, farm and ranch management, resource economics, rural development, banking, and more.

Campus and online course availability varies by program. Please contact the enrollment team for more information.

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The Doane Difference

Traditions roots run deep in agriculture. We honor agriculture’s heritage by teaching you to build a business worthy of passing down to the next generation.

More Than Farming
Agriculture means many things to many people. We give you a wide lens across all aspects of the agriculture industry, so you can make a difference no matter where you take your education.

Technology never stops changing, especially in agriculture. At Doane, we teach you how to leverage the technology that’s shaping the future of agribusiness to increase yields and profits.

We live in a global ecosystem. Fluctuating markets and a growing global population affect the livelihood of local farmers, ranchers, and ag professionals. At Doane we equip you with the skills needed to react to an ever-changing global market.

Future farms can’t plant crops if we deplete the topsoil today and ranchers can’t raise livestock if we pollute the air they breathe. At Doane, we teach you to protect the agriculture of today with the agriculture of tomorrow.

father and daughters standing in a field

Agriculture dominates the culture around us, and we embrace the wealth of knowledge and experience demonstrated by our rural neighbors. There’s no better place to study agribusiness than surrounded by farmland. Come and see.

Program Information

Graduates with a major in agribusiness have opportunities within the agricultural industry but generally categorized as business careers such as management, sales, marketing, and human resources.

Agricultural and Food Scientists

2017 Median Pay: $62,920.
Job Outlook: 7% (As fast as average)
Agricultural and food scientists research ways to improve the efficiency and safety of agricultural establishments and products.

Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers

2017 Median Pay: $66,360
Job Outlook: -1% (Little or no change)
Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers operate establishments that produce crops, livestock, and dairy products.


Doane students have had opportunities to at such companies as Norder Supply and Servi-Tech, two ag/crop consulting business.

The Agribusiness course load differs slightly for students in Doane’s College of Professional Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences. Download the course description documents to learn more about the classes offered for Agribusiness.

Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) is a national business association devoted to promoting interest in various fields ranging from accounting to computer programming.

Doane Accounting Club

Doane Accounting Club is an active club aimed at helping students better understand the accounting profession. The club regularly schedules guest speakers and arranges visits to accounting firms and businesses. Members also learn interviewing skills/techniques through mock interviews. During the spring semester, Accounting Club members help Doane students with their personal taxes by guiding them through the process and giving them the confidence to preparing their own return. Accounting Club members also contribute to the Doane community by becoming lab assistants and tutors for the principles-level accounting courses. They also assist the Doane Relay For Life committee with accounting tasks.

HR Club

To bring value and knowledge to students in preparation for after their graduation from Doane University. This semester, we are bringing in 3 HR professionals to speak with students what HR departments are looking for from college graduates and what college students should be doing now to prepare themselves.

Kappa Alpha Omicron

KAO is a nationally-recognized academic honor society in environmental science and studies. Membership provides recognition for outstanding student work in this rapidly growing area.

For students who want a strong scientific foundation while still learning the business of agriculture, Doane offers an emphasis on environmental science for Agribusiness majors. Students with this emphasis will take more science courses than a regular Agribusiness major, but will still get a complete business education. This emphasis is useful for students seeking a career in agricultural technology, research, education, or entrepreneurship. The environmental science emphasis area is only available on the Crete campus.

Jennifer Bossard

Russ Souchek

Environmental & Earth Sciences
Kathleen Zumpfe

Kathleen Zumpfe

Assistant Professor of Practice
Business Administration

Agribusiness News

January 10, 2019
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Doane University’s recently launched Agribusiness program is expanding its course offerings to undergraduate students on the Crete campus.