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Study Abroad Information

Study Abroad Information

Whether it is interacting with global business leaders in Norway, singing in Sweden, or tracing your roots in Germany, a significant part of your education at Doane may occur as you challenge yourself to explore new cultures and old civilizations halfway around the world. Taking advantage of Doane's unique travel scholarship provided to our students, and our extensive network of institutional connections around the globe, more than half of our students travel in the U.S. or abroad before they graduate.     

Most students use their travel scholarships toward short-term, college-sponsored January or May travel courses. Largely led by faculty, these courses take them as far away as Africa, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America and Europe, and to truly life-changing experiences. But others—in addition to our Honors students and language majors who have a study abroad requirement—choose to spend an entire summer, semester or academic year at one of our many affiliated international institutions. This allows them to better absorb new cultures, build stronger relationships, and travel locally in order to fully explore that region of the world.

International Institutions Affiliated with Doane

  • Central College Abroad:  Allows Doane students access to general undergraduate studies and intensive language study in Austria, England, France, Ghana, Spain, Wales, and the Yucatan.
  • Council of International Education: Allows Doane students to study in over 140 programs around the world, including Australia, Belgium, China, France, and Spain.
  • International Studies Abroad: Allows Doane students access to semester undergraduate studies and intensive language study in Argentina, Costa Rica, England, France, Morocco, and Spain.
  • ISEP-Direct:  Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, England, Estonia, Ghana, Germany, India, Japan, Northern Ireland, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.
  • Goethe Institut, Junior Year in Munich, or the American Junior Year in Heidelberg, Germany: Offers Doane students excellent opportunities for intensive German language study and undergraduate coursework in German.
  • Doane Institutional Partners:   Enroll directly in summer or semester coursework in Belgium or the Czech Republic, or study with other Nebraska students in China, Czech Republic, or Peru.
  • Doane Semester Abroad:   Spend a semester studying with other Doane students under the direction of a Doane faculty member.
  • Lancaster University, Lancaster, England: Offers Doane students a variety of flexible programs designed to incorporate opportunities for them to explore Europe even as they earn their credits.