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Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience, it gives students an edge for graduate school, and job interviews while expanding their perspectives and acquiring unique skills. Doane students travel the world and bring these experiences back to campus with them, and carry them for the rest of your lives. Every student has a different story, and no two adventures abroad are the same.

Doane students have many options when choosing a place to study abroad. Doane makes this decision more comfortable by offering students choices of programs and countries where they can study. We offer faculty-led, semester abroad, and summer study programs.


Doane University offers the chance to see the world through faculty-led, experiential learning courses utilizing the world as a classroom. Students complete pre-departure content and discover academic activities during their study abroad travels and experiences. Students can offset costs by using their Travel Scholarship.

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Spring Creek Prairie August 2021

Semester Abroad and Summer Study

Semester and summer abroad programs are often offered through travel programs that allow students to take a variety of classes in nearly any country.

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Doane graduates clap during the 2021 winter commencement ceremony.

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