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Economics is at the heart of decision-making. It’s an interdisciplinary field that draws upon history, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, sociology, political science and other fields to provide a logical way of looking at issues in business and society.

As an economics major, you’ll explore and engage in practical applications of economics through data analysis, news analysis, case studies and simulations. We’ll use models and analytical tools to explain behavior, understand decisions, scrutinize policies, and offer solutions.


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What careers will you find with an economics degree from Doane?

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Budget Analyst

2018 Median Pay: $76,220 per year

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Financial Analyst

2018 Median Pay: $85,660 per year

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Financial Examiner

2018 Median Pay: $80,180 per year

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Market Research Analyst

2018 Median Pay: $63,120 per year

Program Information

Economics Major
Economics Minor
Faculty and Staff
Les Manns, Professor

Les Manns - Professor

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Economics Honor Society - Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon is an international honor society for students studying economics. With more than 700 chapters, members have the opportunity to cultivate academic and professional relationships with peers and faculty around the world.

Skills Development

80% of recent graduates (2022 and 2023) say they use more analytical, creative, and effective thinking skills when considering issues and problems.

80% of recent graduates (2022 and 2023) say they communicate in a manner that is more purposeful, context appropriate, and conveys a clear message.

100% of recent graduates (2022 and 2023) say they are better able to articulate the knowledge and skills needed for future personal and professional development.

Job Placement

60% of graduates in 2002 & 2023 were not seeking employment (i.e., they are employed, in graduate school, etc.)

Jobs of recent graduates (2022 and 2023):

  • Financial Rep

Places of Employment for recent graduates (2022 and 2023):

  • Northwest Mutual

2022 and 2023 graduates will work in Nebraska

The Doane Difference

When asked, "what one thing significantly helped your ability to complete your Doane experience?" students responded:

  • "Being challenged more and more every year.  Building a better and better work ethic along the way."
  • "Support from professors and peers was the biggest thing that helped me complete my Doane education."
  • "The advisors and close connection with professors."
  • "Small classroom sizes and the willingness to help from professors."

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Lisa Wells Academic Success Advisor

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