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New Hall opens doors to students and community

Two events marked the start of 2024 for Doane’s Crete campus and community — a welcoming event for New Hall on Thursday, Jan. 11 and student move-in day on Tuesday, Jan. 16. Faculty, staff, Crete residents and contractors who helped create Doane’s newest residence hall all came together for snacks and tours of the building. (See coverage from the event in The Crete News and our very own Doane Student Media.)

Doane’s Office of Strategic Marketing also got a sneak peek, with students Zach Fye (senior), sophomores Grace Schroller, Kaidan Smith and Trenton Johanson, and juniors Maci McCarter and Jaiden Papik. Catch a glimpse of the building from our photoshoot and join us for more New Hall celebrations at the ribbon cutting at noon on Feb. 5!

Students use a lounge in New Hall, which is well-lit by a bank of windows. Two students play ping-pong to the right, while two other students sit and talk at a high-top table near the windows. A third student works on a laptop at a small, white, round table around which an orange couch curves. Six students sit around a white, rectangular table in a vibrant green-painted study room. Behind them are individual desks and chairs, and a window. Maci McCarter reads from a pamphlet of directions while Jaiden Papik and Grace Schroller play Bananagrams on a green couch in a third-floor suite. Behind them is a large window showing views of Doane's Art/Ed building.Kaidan Smith looks up from a desk at Trenton Johansen on the bed of one of the third-floor suites. Also in the room is a small bookshelf and the window looks out onto Doane's campus. A sample room decorated with a Doane Tigers blanket and other Tiger promotion items. A desk is pushed up against a window, and a bed along the wall to the left of the desk. The New Hall is the first building on campus to feature electronic key entry. A man demonstrates how he uses his Apple Watch to unlock a door by placing it against a pad above the door handle.