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Demetria Ballard
Demetria Ballard ’24E is a proud first-generation student with two master's degrees — and she has plans to continue learning and earning more degrees.

What is your name and graduation year? 
Demetria Ballard - Spring 2024

What was your major or degree program?
Master of Education in School Counseling

Tell us a little about what you've done since graduating. What is your current role? Where are you working?
I've been a middle school counselor for the last three years in OPS. I love my job and I'm planning on hanging for a while!

How do you feel Doane prepared you for your career?
Yes, everything that I've learned while in the school counseling program at Doane helped to prepare me for the role that I'm in today.

What do you consider the best part of your Doane experience?
The best part of my Doane experience has been the relationships that have been cultivated. I now have a professional support system that helps me to be a better school counselor.

What is something you're proud of accomplishing or achieving while at Doane? What are you proud of accomplishing or achieving in your career?
Since I've been at Doane, I've written two children's books. I'm proud that I now hold two Master's degrees that I can use in the field of education.

Who has been/is a major influence or role model for you from Doane? How have they helped you?
Dr. Tami Wegener has been a major influence and role model from Doane. She pushes me to step out of my comfort zone, and has helped me to stop minimizing my talents and potential.

What advice would you give to current students?
Take care of yourself. You can't run on empty.

What's something you like about yourself that other people may not know?
I'm a first generation college graduate who now holds two Master's degrees and I'm not finished.