Jaelynn Scott ’23 is a biology major at Doane.
Jaelynn Scott ’23 is a biology major who holds a multitude of leadership positions on campus. It's a sharp contrast to her shy freshman self who'd hide in her room. She credits Doane faculty for positively influencing her growth as a student and person.

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What is your name and graduation year?
Jaelynn Scott, 2023

What is your major or degree program? (If you're undecided, that's great, too!)

What do you hope to do after completing your degree?

How is Doane preparing you to reach your goals?
The faculty here at Doane are a blessing. I don’t think I’ve met one who hasn’t taught me great lessons/skills that will carry me onto the real world after college. From things like compassion, problem solving, leadership, work ethic, and so much more I’ve been able to grow here while at Doane while trying to reach my end goals after college.

Who has been a major influence for you during your education at Doane? How have they helped you?
I have a lot of influences here. Marilyn Johnson-Farr, who has been my rock since I took her LAR sophomore year. She’s taught me a lot about how to be successful as a POC in a place where not a lot of people look like me. And how to embrace myself and all comes with that. Jeremy Caldwell is another one. Anytime I am feeling down, he is there with a positive quote or advice that really helps put things into perspective for me. Brad Elder because he helped me really find my passion for science and my biology major from taking his classes to doing my senior research with him. Ed Fye, for showing me what it means to keep giving my all. Even if my all is 20%, I need to give all 20% to make it count. Every single one of these people mean a lot because they have taught me a lot.

What is something you're proud of accomplishing or achieving while at Doane?
I am proud of my senior research. I’ve spent a lot of time over the summer to work on it, and now that we’re in the final stages of it, it’s nice to see it all come together. Another thing would be how outgoing I’ve become since enrolling here. I used to hide in my room, and now I have a lot of leadership positions on campus.

What advice would you give to an incoming student?
Be open minded. First semester of freshman year can be hard. It’s the first time that you’re really away from home. So be open to new experiences. There are a lot of things here at Doane that are student led/put together for the students to succeed and have fun. So be open to trying those things out, and seeing everything you can.

What's something you like about yourself that other people may not know?
I’m not really sure. I’ve never been asked that question before to think about it. I guess that I’m always willing to help no matter what it is.

What is something you've really enjoyed about your time at Doane?
I’ve really enjoyed all of the people I’ve met, and experiences I’ve gotten to have. The leadership positions I’ve taken here at Doane have helped me build some pretty great relationships with some of the faculty and students.