Master of Education in School Counseling

Master of Education in School Counseling

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College of Education

The Master of Education in School Counseling is designed for those who are seeking to become highly competent school counselors. Students will be prepared to work with diverse populations in elementary, secondary and high schools. The academic preparation follows guidelines established by the state and certification boards.

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As a graduate, you will: 

  • become skilled in the delivery of services within schools
  • be knowledgeable about current trends in school counseling programs
  • demonstrate the ability to establish and implement interventions meet the needs of children and adolescents.
  • demonstrate the ability to collaborate with other school personnel, families and community services
  • be able to conduct assessments of cognitive, behavioral, and academic needs of children and youth


About The Program

  • Open to licensed teachers or students without a teaching certificate
  • Consists of 48* credit hours of coursework; 150 hours of school-based practicum experiences; and 450 internship hours as designated by the Nebraska Department of Education.

*Students without a teaching certificate are required to take 12 hours of coursework in teacher education and complete and approved Special Education and Human Relations course, as designated by the Nebraska Department of Education.


Required courses for Master of Education in School Counseling:
EDU-601 Critical Issues in Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)
EDU-602 Assessment of Learning (3 credits)
COE-601 Counseling Theories and Methods for K-12 Schools (3 credits)
COE-602 Practicum Lab in Counseling (3 credits)
COE-610 Interpreting Data in School Counseling (3 credits)
COE-615 Counseling Skills and Crisis Intervention (3 credits)
COE-620 School Guidance Curriculum (3 credits)
COE-630 Social and Cultural Awareness in School Counseling (3 credits)
COE-635 School Counseling and Special Populations (3 credits)
COE-650 Programming for School Counseling (3 credits)
COE-655 Ethics, Law and Professional Practice for School Counseling OR COU-618
Mental Health Ethics, Law, and Professional Practice (3 credits)
COE 699-1 Human Development (3 credits)
COE 699-2 Group Counseling for School Counselors (3 credits)
COE-691 Internship in Counseling (3 credits)
COU or COE or *EDU elective (must be approved) (3 credits)
COU or COE or *EDU elective (must be approved) (3 credits)

The following are additional courses required for those w/o teaching certification:

EDU-613 Models of Teaching (3 credits)
EDU-670 Classroom Management (3 credits)
EDU-659 Differentiated Instruction OR EDU-600 Improvement of Instruction (3 credits)
EDS-620 Exceptional Children (Special Education Requirement) (3 credits)
EDU 627 Meeting Learner Needs through Multiple Intelligences OR EDU 659 Differentiated Curriculum for the Regular Classroom