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College isn’t always a breeze. Students will find the resources, tools and support they need to succeed at Doane – and after – at the Academic Success Center.

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How We Support You

Writer’s block? Nervous to turn in a final paper? You can schedule a writing consultation or submit a paper for proofreading through our Writing Center.

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How We Support You

With our testing services, you can request an exam analysis to improve your testing performance or get additional help preparing for graduate school exams.

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How We Support You

Learn tips to avoid procrastination, how to create better study habits and goals and other essential skills you need as a student. 

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How We Support You

Receive extra, one-on-one attention to raise grades or understand subjects through free tutoring offered for core classes. 

Career, Leadership, and Service

We help students prepare for what comes after Doane, from an internship to a career or graduate school. We look at all aspects of the transition, such as budgeting, loans and more.

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Other Tools For Support

We offer services and resources to help all students, especially those who are struggling, come from disadvantaged or diverse backgrounds or have disabilities.

Advising Services

Students receive the support they need from first-year, faculty, peer and program-specific advisors.

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Faculty & Staff

The team at the Academic Success Center is dedicated to set our students up for success at Doane – and long after – through resources and tools.



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