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Shield Societies

Shield Societies are made up of Doane students of distinction with a shared connection of some kind such as academic major, demographics, spirituality or otherwise.

Shield Societies nurture students as they become leaders, fostering an environment of comprehensive development through curricular and extracurricular aspects of college life.

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Residence Hall Living

During their first year at Doane, students in a Shield Society live in a residence hall with other students in their specific Society. Bringing the students together cultivates a strong sense of community within each Society, and increases social opportunities. This requirement is only in place for a student's first year at Doane.

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Students are expected to maintain a certain level of academic success while in the Shield Society. Students in each Society take specific courses with the other members of their cohort, which deepens their academic experience and contributes to a shared learning experience. 

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Inclusive Scholars and students in the Hansen Leadership Program receive financial support through annual scholarships.

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Peer Mentorship

Students in each Society are paired with a peer mentor who meets with them for 30 minutes every week. These peer mentors are trained and supervised by the Shield Society directors.

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Certain Shield societies require students to complete community service hours each semester, with the belief that students who serve their community develop personal and social responsibility.

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Featured Tigers is a monthly series wherein the spotlight shines on a few students, alumni, faculty and staff from our Crete, Lincoln and Omaha campus locations. These individuals stand out in the best way — as talented and driven leaders.
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Hansen Leadership Program Scholars

The Hansen Leadership Program (HLP), named after Zenon C.R. Hansen, has been developing student leaders at Doane since 1994. Each year, 40 incoming students with a desire to develop their leadership skills are selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship and live in Hansen Leadership Hall. HLP supports students through their leadership identity development while at Doane, with the goal of preparing students to use their skills in their workplace and communities after graduation.

Interfaith Scholars

Interfaith Scholars is a group of students who engage with religious, secular and spiritual diversity among themselves and in the community, to learn about and advocate for religious pluralism and to prepare to be interfaith leaders in any career field. Co-curricular experiences like interfaith courses and diverse religious site visits guide students’ religious literacy and desire for interfaith cooperation as they seek common values that help them build toward the common good.

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Inclusive Scholars

Inclusive Scholars is a peer network that provides a multi-year leadership experience to prepare the next generation of difference makers. Over the course of four years, students learn to leverage inclusive excellence to positively impact innovation, equity and engagement where they live and work. The Inclusive Scholars experience facilitates students’ personal and professional success through individual and team community projects, leadership coaching and skills-based workshops. Students admitted to Inclusive Scholars receive scholarships that renew yearly.

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