Ethics and Interfaith Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

Location: Crete

Degree Type: Undergraduate

College of Arts and Sciences offers a minor in Ethics and Interfaith Studies to equip students with the cross-cultural religious and ethical literacy they need to lead in a diverse world. Classes and discussions will explore the intersection of religions, ethical traditions and issues, and cultures. This interdisciplinary program will encompass multiple approaches from different fields of study, as well as experiential learning.

This minor is a strong addition to any of Doane’s majors. Because it’s interdisciplinary, we draw electives from Engineering, English, Environmental Studies, Information Science, Communication, History, Sociology and Health Sciences.


Meaghan Stout

Class of '20
Learning religious literacy, ethics and leadership skills is useful in every application. My studies helped me with compassion, critical thinking and analytical skills. Not only that, but it taught me how to communicate with the people around me [and] how to understand them.
New Hall study room.

Nick Martozie

Class of '21
The religious studies program has helped tremendously in my job as a pastor. While the primary focus of my studies was Christianity, I learned about other religions and how they often interact. Learning the contexts behind biblical passages, and how they have applied to people around the world throughout history has been an invaluable tool in addressing my responsibilities as a pastor.
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Faculty and Staff
Dan Clanton, Associate Professor

Dan Clanton - Associate Professor

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Career Information

At Doane, we build leaders through a liberal arts education. An Ethics and Interfaith Studies minor prepares students to lead in diverse contexts and contexts with diversity. That is, you will find yourself in workplaces and other environments in which diversity is present and in which you’re faced with ethical questions. How you respond to that diversity and those questions will determine whether you succeed as a leader or not. Simply put, gaining and practicing cross-cultural religious literacy and ethical awareness will help you flourish in whatever profession you choose.


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