by Payton Schelin, class of 2023

For Education majors at Doane, over four years they will typically do a practicum at 2-3
schools; this has been different for me. I have done practicums at five different schools for a
variety of subjects and ages from 6th grade all the way to AP 12th graders. Being able to teach
science at all these different schools has made me a well-rounded and successful teacher due
to the fact that I have interacted with so many students from across the country, with different
religions, racial backgrounds, and sexual orientations. In saying this, all these amazing
iterations of my unique and beautiful students have made me grow to love this profession.
While I haven't student taught yet, I am planning on doing it this next fall. I never thought I would
be prepared to do it, but with my abundant and extensive time at a variety of schools, I know I
am prepared.

Every school and experience I have been in taught me many things. From teacher
mental health all the way to lesson planning for 10 minutes to a full two hours. I am at the new
high school in Lincoln, Lincoln Northwest, and I couldn't be happier. My cooperating teacher,
coordinator, and fellow teachers are so supportive and give me all the necessary resources to
succeed. This is so important because, without their help and advice, I wouldn't be confident
enough for my student teaching this fall. With their help, I am prepared. One of my favorite times
at practicum was when I was at Schoo Middle school, one student told me, “a good teacher is
someone who teaches the content, but you Miss P teach with your heart.” This has resonated
with me ever since and is something I strive to do every day I teach. If you teach only the
content, you won't impact your students and they won't remember your name 10 years later.
But, when I go into teaching I go in with my heart. I see that every student has limitless
possibilities and can achieve their goals. I want to be the teacher that 10 years down the road
my students remember for my heart and personality, not just the science content. That's the
teacher I am and still working to be.