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An image of Kelsee Dunn, associate registrar, and her dog.What is your name and title?

Kelsee Dunn ’12, ’20B, associate registrar

How long have you worked at Doane? What attracted you to work here?

I have worked at Doane for a little over 11 years. I did my undergrad on the Crete campus and got a work study job in the Registrars office and the rest is history :)

What do you consider the best part of your Doane experience?

The best part of my Doane experience was competing in Track & Field during my undergrad as that allowed a young, sheltered, Nebraska gal to travel and develop friendships with my teammates. As far as my employment at Doane, the best part is the people I have had a pleasure of working with over the years. The late, great, Angie Klasek ’81 means so much to me and that is a friendship I will cherish forever. My boss and the registrar team is great too :)

What is something you're proud of accomplishing or achieving while at Doane?

Personally, as a first-gen student, earning my Bachelor's (in 2012) and Master's Degrees (MBA in 2020) at Doane is something I never imagined for myself. Professionally, I am always proud of our students. They are the reason we are all here and it is a joy to be a small part of their educational journey.

What is some advice you would give to current students? Or, what is some advice you've received that you value?

Keep going. No matter what. Don't limit yourself and work hard towards your goals.

What is something you like about yourself that others may not know?

I really like my tattoos. I have several but my favorite is an hourglass piece on my leg that incorporates good and bad weather. A symbol of the ups and downs life/mother nature can provide. "The earth has music for those who listen."