Higher education at Doane University is an investment that comes with a guarantee. We believe graduation can and should happen in four years. It's not just a promise on paper; it's our job. From faculty and staff, you'll see the same commitment to your graduation day and career; that's personal attention.

Graduating in four years means paying less for school and starting your career sooner - a double win!

Proven Results

Doane University has the second-highest four-year graduation rate of all Nebraska colleges and universities, public and private. The national average is that more than 50% of students take 6+ years to earn a degree at a four-year university.

At Doane, we have a robust support system in place to help students graduate in four years. We offer our students: advisors, a four-year academic plan, an Academic Support Center, and more. We clearly outline what we will do and what we expect from you, if you don't complete your degree in four years, Doane will pay the cost of your remaining classes.