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College of Arts and Sciences

ArtWe teach art from a holistic, liberal arts perspective, enabling you to develop creative skills and talents in a variety of media.

Through critical thinking, developing artists will learn why art is important and how to thoughtfully contribute to local and global communities.

You will learn to consider lessons from the past as you visualize the future and prepare for your career.


With 3 full-time art faculty and 2 adjunct instructors, you will learn from their expertise and interests including:

  • painting
  • ceramics
  • textiles
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • art history
  • art theory
Learning Environment

Making Art

The Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art Building provides new offices and classrooms for Doane's nationally recognized education and art programs. The new building is designed to inspire teaching and learning in a collaborative work environment. Color, texture, lighting and acoustics are used to create a comfortable and enriching setting for students, faculty and staff.

Designed to be a first-class art space for the School of Arts and Sciences, seven instructional areas offer specialized places for drawing, ceramics and painting.

Easily accessible lab and studio spaces in the art department provide opportunities for students to paint and create.

Ample student commons space will allow for a relaxing study atmosphere between classes and projects. Classrooms are designed with student needs in mind and offer exceptional space to create on your own timetable, work closely with Doane faculty and learn in group settings with other students and visiting masters. 

Classes are small, averaging 15 students per class in introductory courses and 6-10 students in advanced courses, guaranteeing individual attention and focus. 


Facilities include:

  • studios for ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting and print making
  • semi-private studio space for advanced students
  • two large ceramic kilns and two etching presses
  • video and slide library
  • graphic design and Mac computer lab
Student Organizations

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ART 107 - Two-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 110 - Three-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 207 - Drawing (3)
ART 214 - Beginning Painting (3)
ART 231 - Ceramics Handbuilding (3)
ART 235 - Color Theory and Application (3)
ART 352 - Modern Art (3)
ART 450 - Contemporary Art (3)
ART 204 - Western Art History I (3)
ART 205 - Western Art History II (3)
ART 260 - Introduction to Professional Practices (1)
ART 307 - Drawing II (3)
ART 460 - Advanced Professional Practices (2-1)
ART 211 - Printmaking (3)
ART 345 - Topics in Non-European Art History (3)
ART 234 - Introduction to Digital Photography (3)
ART 354 - U.S. Visual Arts (3)
ART 421 - Art Internship (0-12)
ART 232 - Ceramics Throwing (3)
GDC 258 - Introduction to Digital Media (3)
ART 310 - Art in Secondary Schools: 7-8 (1)
ART 315 - Art in Secondary Schools: 9-10 (1)
ART 320 - Art in Secondary Schools: 11-12 (1)
ART 325 - Art in Secondary Schools (2)
ART 326 - Art in Elementary Schools (3)