Building on strengths, fostering skills and habits to develop exceptional, well-rounded leaders.


To build community and sense of belonging for first year/transfer students by providing authentic activities in and out of the classroom that focus on 7 Dimensions of Wellness (Intellectual, Social, Emotional, Physical, Occupational, Financial, Spiritual).

Tiger Takeoff Program Structure & Topics:

Students will either take Tiger Takeoff Programming from 10am- 11:50am or 1pm - 2:50pm in two 50-minute blocks and large group “Lunch & Learn” where they eat lunch and listen to a speaker or panel of speakers about a given topic related to the 7 Dimensions of Wellness. Additional programming includes a daily physical activity (that can be led by students/staff) DEI programming, and 1st Gen programming. Each evening concludes with a social event that is sponsored by an office on campus. 

50-Minute Session Topics:

Students are broken up into groups of 15-20 and attend two 50-minute sessions each day and one large group. The 50 minute sessions occur between 10am-12pm and 1-3pm to allow fall sports athletes to attend around their practices. Each module focuses on the following topics:

  • How-to’s? (Canvas, Webadvisor, Google Docs, Calendar, Email, Technology)
  • Hidden Curriculum
  • Scheduling/Time Management
  • College Etiquette (Prof’s, Checking email, office hours)
  • What is your Why? Value of College Education/ Purpose of being here at Doane
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Writing Instruction (multiple sessions)
  • Emotional Intelligence (multiple sessions, threaded throughout)
  • Financial Literacy
  • Reading strategies for college
  • Note taking strategies for college
  • Becoming a Learner

Tiger Takeoff Dates

August 8 - 18

Tiger Takeoff programming occurs from 10 AM - 3 PM daily from August 8th to the 18th. Additional programming is offered in the morning, afternoon, and over the lunch our. Each evening concludes with a fun event so you can get to know the campus and other Tiger Takeoff participants in a social setting.

Bridge on Doane Campus in Crete

Daily Routine: Below is what students can expect on a daily basis, beginning on Tuesday, August 9th:

  • Morning sports practices for Soccer, Football, Volleyball
  • 9:30am: Wakeup / meet Flight Crew on 1st Floor Lounge
  • 9:45am - Snack at Lakeside Patio & meet physical activity leaders or coaches for sport-specific workouts
  • 10am: Academic Programming in Lied or Physical Activity
  • 12pm: Lunch & Learn at Dining Hall - Listen to a guest speaker while eating your lunch!
  • 1pm: Academic Programming (if not in the morning)
  • 1:30pm: Physical Activity or Sport-specific workouts (meet at Lakeside)
  • 3pm - 5pm: Free time / Afternoon sports practice Soccer, Volleyball, Football
  • 5pm - 6:30pm: Dinner at Dining Hall
  • 7pm: Evening Social Event

Doane Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions are adapted from the work of Dr. Bill Hettler, National Wellness Institute. Doane Wheel of Wellness adapted from Dr. Sheri Grotrian, Peru State College.

Tiger Wellness



What’s this look like?

intellectual wellness

Intellectual Wellness is expanding your knowledge and skills, while discovering the potential for sharing one’s gifts with others.

Try new things, Ask questions to learn from others, Identify your trigger points,  Challenge yourself to think outside your comfort zone.

social wellness

Social Wellness is being a positive contributing factor in your community and the environment around you by building sustainable and meaningful relationships

Meet new people; Communicate with wide variety of people; Strengthen the friends around you; Contribute positively to your community.

emotional wellness

Emotional Wellness is understanding and accepting your feelings and someone else’s and effectively manage those feelings to handle stress and be positive and enthusiastic about one’s life.

Be optimistic and persistent; Express feelings freely and effectively; Know your own limitations; Seek and appreciate support and assistance with others.

physical wellness

Physical Wellness is being physically active and having a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition and sleep and abstaining from substance abuse

Eat a balanced diet, engage in regular exercise, get 8 hours of sleep, refrain from Alcohol and Tobacco.

occupational wellness

Occupational Wellness is choosing a path that utilizes your strengths to develop skills that will lead to a satisfying and enriching career

Actively explore a major based on your interests, Develop a 4-year plan, Have an internship.

financial wellness

Financial Wellness is effectively managing your finances and making choices that provide you flexibility, security, and an ability to enjoy life.

Limit unnecessary purchases; Understand your Financial Aid Package; Be aware of your account balance in the Business Office.

spiritual wellness

Spiritual Wellness is understanding your values and beliefs as well as being tolerant of other worldviews and beliefs.

Seek a higher spiritual connection; Practice Mindfulness; Center yourself (Body, Mind, Spirit); Interact and accept others who have differing belief.


Points of Contact

JL Vertin - Associate Professor of Practice/LAR Coordinator

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Anita Harkins - Executive Director of Academic Support Services

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