Education Specialist graduates will be expected to demonstrate the following:

  • The capacity for leadership at the district level that aligns leadership at the school and program-levels to the mission, vision, and values of the district.  In addition, the leaders will demonstrate capacity for building strategic plans that include goals, priorities and implementation plans at both the system and school-program levels designed to achieve the district vision.
  • The capacity for leading continuous improvement planning at the district and school-program levels using data to inform decision making, the capacity for engaging relevant stakeholders in the creation of the plans and adapting the plans to various school units and programs and in evaluating the effectiveness of implementation including the outcomes achieved.
  • The capacity to apply the knowledge and skills of organizational development and systems approaches and systems thinking to the complex operations of the district and schools that support the core work of classrooms and the core activities of teaching and learning.
  • The capacity for engagement of the school-community in addressing current issues, problems, and trends in the development of policy to address the priorities determined to be of greatest impact; and, the capacity to apply the principles of adaptive work to the identification and problem-solving/planning for critical school-community issues.

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