Your graduate experience will consist of courses and supervised field experiences designed to develop and enhance your knowledge, attitude and skills. Faculty of the Education Department believe all educational professionals are lifelong learners.

Content Testing

A passing score on a required Nebraska Department of Education "content" test is required for Principal and Superintendent endorsements effective June 2015.  All students applying for certification in Nebraska must provide evidence they have taken the required Praxis II content test and received the required passing score.

Program Design

Students seeking either a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and/or a Nebraska principal certification at one level  (PK-12, PK-8, or 7-12) are required to complete 36 credits. A 45 credit-hour program is available for students pursuing K-12 certification.

EDL 675 (6 credits)  Foundations of Educational Leadership

EDL 680/681/682 (3 credits) Elementary, Middle Grades, or Secondary Field Experience/ Practicum I

EDL 683/684/685 (3 credits)  Elementary, Middle Grades, or Secondary Field Experience/ Practicum II

EDL 621 (3 credits)  Leadership Internship

EDL 686 (6 credits)  Advanced Educational Leadership I

EDL 687 (3 credits)  Advanced Educational Leadership II

EDL 695 (3 credits)  Research/Project Implementation

EDL 676   (3 credits)  Assessment of Student Learning for Educational Leaders (preferred) Or EDU 602 (3 credits)  Assessment of Learning Or EDU 614 Assessment of Literacy Development

EDU 600  (3 credits)  Improvement of Instruction

EDU 601 (3 credits)  Critical Issues in Curriculum and Instruction

*Six hours of transfer credit can be applied for applicable courses from other institutions.

Second Master of Education Degree

Students who have completed Doane's Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction degree and want to become certified as principals must add 27 credit hours of courses needed for certification to complete the Master of Education in Educational Leadership. These students will have already completed nine credits of Education 600 (or 613), 601, and 602, which will apply toward the 36 credits required for the Master of Education in Educational Leadership.


Additional Information


Time Limitations

  • A student is expected to complete the degree with their cadre or within a maximum of seven years of beginning graduate study at Doane University. 
  • If a student withdraws from the cadre experience, it is necessary to wait one year and resume classes with the next cadre. 
  • If the time away from the program extends beyond a year, the Dean will determine if a student can resume participation in the program. 
  • If course material is deemed no longer relevant, the student must retake appropriate graduate courses. 
  • If a student has time away from the program for three years or more, then all coursework must be repeated.

Transfer of Credit Policy

Students may transfer up to six hours of credit from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning into Doane's Educational Leadership program. Any course considered for transfer is reviewed individually for recency and relevancy of the material as it relates to best practice and theory at the time of the review. The recency standard includes work that is completed within seven years before beginning the program. Courses are reviewed for relevancy as they relate to educational issues in the areas of instructional improvement, critical issues, and assessment as they may take the place of Education 600, 601, or 602 in the program of study.

Final determination of transfer credit is made by the Dean of Graduate Studies of Educational Leadership. Only graduate courses in which the student’s letter grade is B- or above may be considered for transfer credit and applied toward fulfilling degree and certification requirements. All transfer courses are entered on the transcript with a grade of P (passed).

Students are responsible for making formal requests to graduate institutions they have attended to have their graduate transcripts sent directly to Doane University, Graduate Studies in Education, 303 North 52nd Street, Lincoln, NE 68504.

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