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Job Requisition Form

Job Requisition Form

The Job Requisition Form is your first step in the process of requesting approval to fill a new position or to refill a vacant position. This applies to all departments and faculty/staff positions at all levels, including full-time regular, part-time regular and temporary positions. Our purpose is to understand the business rationale behind your request, ensure there are adequate financial resources in place, and provide HR with recruiting and job posting information. 

Before you begin, please take a moment to look over the form and gather the information requested. Requisitions are reviewed on a weekly basis and your position will be posted after your request is reviewed and approved.


If you would like assistance completing the form, please contact Sara Weixelman in Human Resources at

Today's Date: *
Answer the following questions: 1) Are you recommending filling the position as it was previously structured or have you made changes to the position? 2) If you made changes, will there be any budgetary impacts?
Please consult with HR
Please consult with HR
Please update the job description as needed, using the new job description template: Copy and paste text above.
List each individual who should have access to view this position's applicants. Please know that it may take up to one minute to submit the form. Thank you for being patient.