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Service Description:

Ellucian WebAdvisor gives students, faculty, and staff online access to virtually any information they need at any time of the day.

Features and Functions:


WebAdvisor is available to students, faculty, and staff at any time of the day.

WebAdvisor Web Login:

You can access WebAdvisor at

When navigating to WebAdvisor, a message appears saying "The maximum number of cookie values has been reached." and WebAdvisor will not load.


  1. Close all browser windows
  2. Wait for a few seconds
  3. Reopen the browser and try accessing WebAdvisor again

If this does not work, you will need to clear your browser cookies to access WebAdvisor.

Clearing Cookies

In all browsers other than Safari, use Ctrl+Shift+Delete. For additional support on clearing cookies in browsers, follow the steps documented here.

Once the cookies are cleared, click "Close Window" on any new windows that WebAdvisor creates to keep from reaching the cookie limit again, and always click 'Log Out" to end the session rather than simply closing the original window or tab.

If clearing the cookies does not work, opening a private browsing window will allow WebAdvisor to open.

Alternative Solution: Private Browsing Session

Private browser windows do not store cookies and may be used as an alternative method of accessing WebAdvisor. To open a private browsing session on a Windows PC:

On a PC
  • In Internet Explorer or Firefox, press Control + Shift + P
  • In Chrome, press Control + Shift + N
To open a private browsing session on a Mac:
  • Safari and Chrome: press Command + Shift + N (or Safari > Private Browsing…)
  • Firefox: press Command + Shift + P

What Causes This Issue?

WebAdvisor stores a cookie for every new window it opens and has a programmed limit for the number of cookies it will store in a browser. Once this limit is reached the maximum cookies error will appear. Clicking 'Log Out' before exiting WebAdvisor will erase your current session's cookie but will not affect previous session cookies.

If you are experiencing problems logging in to your WebAdvisor account, please contact the Service Center.

Self-Service Portal:


Phone: 402-826-8411

WebAdvisor is free of charge to all active Doane students, faculty, and staff.

Policy Information:

For policy information, please visit

Service Levels:

Server uptime goal = 99.9%

Average response time is less than one second.