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Welcome to the College of Education graduate student Online Orientation!

Lyn C. Forester Ed.D., Dean of the College of Education Greetings and welcome to the College of Education programs! Whether you are here to complete your Curriculum and Instruction degree or an endorsement, or be a principal, superintendent, counselor, or achieve your doctoral degree, furthering your education is a step in the right direction to complete your goal. On behalf of the faculty and staff, I want to personally welcome you to Doane University! If we can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to ask. Best of luck and we will see you in classes! Lyn C. Forester, Ed.D. Dean of the College of Education

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This orientation will focus on 6 main areas: technology, student schedule and calendar information, preparing for class, registration information, payment plan options, and student support services. Once you have completed this orientation you will be prepared and know your responsibilities as a student at Doane University! The orientation typically takes students 30 minutes to complete. We strongly encourage you to complete each section to give you the tools you’ll need to be successful at Doane University. Some areas will cover basic information including tutorials while others will guide you through the completion of things like setting up your Doane email account or applying for financial aid.  Save or print the orientation checklist to ensure you have completed all required sections for new students: Orientation Checklist 

Technology Information

This section is intended to familiarize you with the technology use at Doane University. You will also activate your Doane Gmail account in this section.


Your key to most university resources is your User ID. It consists of two parts: your username and a password. Your username should be formatted as firstname.lastname (e.g. thomas.doane). If you have questions about your username, please contact your Enrollment Specialist or Advisor for assistance. Passwords will be established through an authentication process. If you have not completed this process, you should visit this page to access the New User Setup Tool: Doane ReAct Password Management Tool  Your Doane username and password will be required to access the following student resources:
  • Doane Gmail - Doane University uses Gmail for student email. Students are required to submit all work through Blackboard or Gmail to ensure proper verification of their identity.
  • Blackboard - Online courses will be delivered through the Blackboard System. 
  • Webadvisor - System used for payment and billing, schedules, grades, transcripts, etc.
  • Doane Library Database - Online library for student research and citation assistance.
  • Computer Lab Access - Doane students are welcome to use on-site technology including computers and printers at our Grand Island, Lincoln, and Omaha campuses.
  • Manage your Account - changing or resetting your password will automatically update all accounts that require your Doane credentials.
For security reasons, you should change your password regularly. If you've forgotten your password or would like to change it, you can reset it here: Doane ReAct Password Management Tool .


Your account must be activated at Doane ReAct Password Management Tool before you are allowed to access your Doane Gmail account. Your Doane Gmail is your main source for contact with faculty and staff. You will also receive important updates through your Doane email like our student newsletter, weather related closures, events, and more! Make sure to check this email frequently so you don't miss any important details!


In order to access your Student Webadvisor, you will need to log in at using your Doane username and password. Your financial information will be accessible here, including bill viewing and payment and financial aid information. Webadvisor also houses academic information, including course registration, course schedule, dropping and adding courses, and viewing a student's academic profile. This is also where you will view grades, find transcript evaluations, and order your official transcripts. Feel free to log into your account and take a look around to become more familiar.


Doane utilizes Blackboard for all online coursework. Blackboard is a virtual learning environment and course management system that allows faculty to add resources for students to access online. We've created a collection of Blackboard tutorial videos to introduce online students to the ins and outs of Blackboard success at Doane University: Blackboard Tutorial Playlist

Tiger Tech / Technology Assistance

For technical assistance, please contact Tiger Tech:

Schedule Information

This section is intended to help you identify important dates and find your academic calendar and course schedules.

Academic Calendar

Mark your Academic Calendar with the following important dates:
  • Schedule release dates
  • Registration
  • First day of term/payment deadline
  • Census day - the last day to drop or add each term without financial or grade implications
  • Grade Release - grades will be published on Web Advisor.

Course Schedules

  • College of Education Schedules
    • Schedule release dates are listed on calendar for each term. Schedules will be sent via email to students’ Doane email addresses. A condensed version of the schedule will also be sent by regular mail.

Preparing for Class

This section is intended to help you locate resources and prepare for courses at Doane University.

Bookstore Information

  1. Under each course listing in the course schedule, there is an indication whether there is a required text or not. Students will use the above link to search for required texts through Doane’s eFollett website.
    • Select the Books tab
    • Enter correct term from dropdown menu
    • Select correct Department based on the course prefix
    • Select the course number from the drop-down menu
    • Select correct section and submit
  2. Once you follow the above steps, eFollett will bring you to the correct book for your chosen course. You will be given purchasing and rental (if available) options, as well as your preferred shipping option, through eFollett or you can use the provided ISBN number to search the text through alternate vendors.

Classroom Assignments

Classroom assignments for on-ground courses will be posted each term for your specific campus.
  • Grand Island - Classroom assignments are displayed on an LCD screen in the College Park Building adjacent of the Doane staff offices.
  • Lincoln - Classroom assignments are posted on a bulletin board located on the south wall of main elevator in the Fred D. Brown Center.
  • Omaha - Classroom assignments are posted and displayed in the entryway of the Doane Omaha campus.

Registration Information

This section is intended to help you understand how to register for courses and complete your registration for the upcoming semester.

Students register for classes and track their academic progress through WebAdvisor. The Office of the Registrar offers information and tutorials on how to work your way through this system successfully. Visit the registration information page or use this helpful tutorial to follow the steps required to register for your classes.

Arrange a Payment Plan

This section is intended to help you understand your payment plan options and to initiate or finalize your plan.

Payment Plan Options

Students are responsible to make full payment or payment arrangements through financial aid, veterans benefits, tuition reimbursement, or convenient monthly installments by the first day of each semester. To view your options, open the following document, Payment Plan Options, then follow instructions below to set up arrangements for the method of your choice.

Business Office

If you are paying for tuition through the self-pay option, please follow the instructions provided in the tutorials below to complete you payment plan agreement. Online one-time Payment Guide Monthly Online Payment Plan Guide
Contact information for the Business Office:
The business office can be reached at (402) 826-8250 or by email at

Financial Aid

To utilize Federal Financial Aid, you can contact the Financial Aid office directly and they will walk you through the process step by step! Tips for receiving Financial Aid
  1. Create your FSA ID Username and Password:
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):
    1. Please use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer your Federal Tax Information.
    2. Enter the Doane University school code (Federal School Code 002544)
  3. Loan Entrance Counseling:
  4. Master Promissory Note (subsidized/unsubsidized):
  5. Complete the Doane Financial Aid Questionnaire:
  6. You must be formally admitted before any Financial Aid can be awarded.
Contact Information for the Financial Aid Office:
The financial aid office can be reached at (402) 466-4774 or by email at

Veterans benefits

To utilize your veterans benefits at Doane University, please follow the instructions on our Veteran and Military Getting Started at Doane Page.
Contact Information for the Veteran and Military Support Services:
Director of Veteran and Military Student Services - (402) 466-4774 or

Support Services

This section is intended to help you understand how to access your support services through Doane University.


Once you are a current student you will work with the director, dean, or staff overseeing your program. Visit our Faculty and Staff page to find your point of contact.

Disability Services

Students seeking disability services should visit the following page for more information: Disability Services

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office located in Lincoln serves students from the Grand Island, Lincoln, and Omaha campuses as well as the online programs. Services provided by the Financial Aid Office include:
  • One on one assistance applying for financial aid - we are here to help!
  • Identification and communication of required forms and responsibilities - we will make sure you have your t’s crossed and your i’s dotted!
  • Financial Aid counseling - we will help you make wise financial decisions!
  • Financial aid literacy - we will help you understand how it all works!
Contact Information for the Financial Aid Office: The financial aid office can be reached at 402-466-4774 or by email at

Veteran Affairs

The Veteran and Military Support Services office serves students from the Crete, Grand Island, Lincoln, and Omaha campuses as well as the online programs. Services provided by the Veteran and Military Support Services Office include:
  • Assistance in utilizing and understanding your benefits
  • Information on the various VA Educational Programs
  • Access to VA Health Care System via V.I.T.A.L. (e.g., medical appointments, disability rating assistance, counseling, and other VA services)
  • Assistance in requesting joint services transcripts (JST)
  • Referrals to other internal support services (e.g.,requesting reasonable accommodation, academic advising, and financial aid counseling, etc.)
Contact Information for the Veteran and Military Support Services Director of Veteran and Military Student Services can be reached at 402-466-4774 or by email at

Business Office

The Business Office serves students from the Crete, Grand Island, Lincoln, and Omaha campuses as well as the online programs. Services provided by the Business Office include:
  • Assist with Online Billing and Payment
  • Help students to establish payment arrangements
  • Provide guidance and help students choose the best payment plan option to fit their needs
  • Assist students in setting up payment plan of choice including monthly installments, employee deferral, payment in full, etc.
  • Provide information regarding payment method options (echeck, debit, credit)
  • Explain and provide information about student accounts and statements
Contact information for the Business Office: The business office can be reached at (402) 826-8250 or by email at


Need to find sources for a paper or presentation? Visit our online library 24/7, 365 days a year! The Top 10 Things to know about the Library.Contact Information for the Library: The library can be reached at (402) 826-8287 or

Wrapping Up

Student Resources

Be sure to bookmark the following links for easy access to everything you'll need to be successful at Doane University. Explore your resources and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!