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University of Nebraska 3-2 Program

University of Nebraska 3-2 Program


This Cooperative Dual Degree Program offers Doane Students a path to a master's degree at a significant savings in college costs.  Highly qualified students wishing to complete a bachelor's and a master's degree can do so in five years rather than the traditional six to eight years while enjoying the benefits of beginning their education at a small university.

At the end of five years qualified students receive Doane's Bachelor of Science degree with the Environmental Science major as well as the Master of Applied Science degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will provide instruction in agricultural sciences environmental sciences, natural resources, and food.

Program Overview

3-2 Cooperative Dual Degree Program requirements include:

  • Declaring the Bachelor of Science Environmental Science major
  • Selecting the Agriculture and Natural Resources emphasis area OR the Biology emphasis area as well as completing MTH 235 Calculus I
  • Completing 90 credits including all Doane Core Connections requirements prior to beginning the Master of Applied Science degree
  • Having a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Information related to the required TOEFL scores at UNL for those whose native language is not English can be found here.
  • Completing all other requirements.


Applicants to the Master of Applied Science Degree must provide official recommendations which include a certification that all course requirements for the Environmental Science major have been completed and the student has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.