Doane Travel Courses

Doane offers opportunities to see the world through faculty led travel courses that explore academic themes using the world as the classroom. Travel courses provide an experiential  learning environment that takes you beyond the classroom. Students will engage in pre-departure content and academic work while traveling and experiencing the things they're learning about.

Students can offset the costs of these trips by using their Travel Scholarship to help cover the cost of the travel courses.

London- Theatre, Art & Architecture

Students will attend theatre productions at both West End Venues as well as Fringe venues; participate in Master classes and behind the scenes tours at venues like the Globe Theatre and the National Theatre; explore the history of theatre in the UK thru expert led walking tours of London’s theatre district, Shakespeare’s birthplace- Stratford-Upon-Avon. Students will learn to engage in discovery, navigate an immense city with a rich history dating back to Roman times, experience a similar -but at times, also very different culture, explore locations throughout London, Bath and Stratford both as an entire group and at times in smaller entities.

  • Cost: $4,900
  • Dates: May 2019
  • Faculty: Jeff Stander & Robin McKercher

Spain and Portugal

Students will gain a better understanding of the diversity found in the populations of Spain and Portugal; learn about the history of Spain and Portugal and the influences that make the cultures of these countries vibrant; learn about the Catholic religion and the impact it has on the countries; experience the cuisine of the two countries; visit World heritage sites in both countries.

  • Cost: $3,800
  • Dates: May 14 - 29, 2019
  • Faculty: Dr. Lyn Forester & Dr. Kim Jarvis


Students will study background materials and maps on the history and cultures of China to appreciate the heritage as well as aspects of contemporary Life; experience the difference of life and travel in a non-Western country; experience life in a Chinese city, and visit a village, to appreciate the cultural and artistic diversities.

  • Cost: $3,650
  • Dates: May 14 - 27, 2019
  • Faculty: Dr. Courtney Bruntz & Dr. Katy Hanggi

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