Tiger Print Initiative

We all know it by now: saving paper saves trees, saving trees helps the environment, and helping the environment is just a good and conscientious thing to do – but we rarely think about exactly what steps we can take to get started. We are in the process of implementing PaperCut software at the College.

The purpose of this note is to provide you a brief overview of the process. You all now have a PaperCut account that can be accessed with your Doane User ID and password at http://www.doane.edu/papercut. This tool will provide you access to your print activity and balance, job pending queue, web print resources, as well as feedback on your personal contribution towards one of our college-wide sustainability initiatives.

During the 2013 Spring semester, we monitored usage of our print, copy, and scan services around campus.  You will receive 500 print credits per semester. This number was established based on data gathered during the semester and like practices and policies at other institutions. 

Beginning Friday, August 23, 2013, student print credits have been reset to 500 for the fall semester.

The College community has plenty of tools and resources at its disposal that make it easy to share, review, and edit files electronically and collaboratively, or to reduce the amount of resources needed to print.  If you have any support related issues please contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@doane.edu

In closing, paper reduction is a critical element of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact –Doane University uses over 25 tons of paper annually, over 5 million sheets of paper – but our individual efforts to conserve can make a significant impact! We would ask everyone to make a commitment to print less, print double-sided when you must print and to encourage your colleagues to do the same!

Mike Carpenter
Vice President for Information Technology & CIO
Doane University


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