Three-Year Graduation Program

Three-Year Graduation Program

Focused on your career path?

Motivated to move ahead at a faster pace?

Doane has a new three-year degree program, backed with three-year guarantees in Biology, ChemistryComputer Science, English, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, History, Journalism and Media, and Mathematics and plans to expand to more areas of study in the future.

How it Works

Faculty members created intensive academic plans with a three-year course schedule. Degree programs have not been modified or reduced in any way – just like four-year degree students, 123 credits are needed to graduate.

Instead, Doane thought progressively about how students can meet requirements at an accelerated pace. Students will take classes in the fall, spring and summer depending on the program and the number of credits students transfer to Doane.

Earn your shield in only three years!


Students must apply for the program. Eligibility and acceptance are based on your high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores and credits earned prior to enrollment.

Another Major in Mind?

Students with other majors in mind won't necessarily miss out. Depending on courses transferred in, students may work closely with an academic advisor to create an approved plan to graduate in three years. In fact, eight Doane students have already successfully graduated in under four years without an official program in place. 

Why Graduate in Three Years?

  • Save on tuition and other college expenses.
  • Take a faster route into the job market and to a salary.
  • Get to graduate or professional school quicker.
  • Capitalize on the opportunity to pursue a dual major.
  • Easily integrate study-abroad and/or internship opportunities into your college career.

A world-class liberal arts and sciences education from Doane University in just three years. That means less time, less money and extra earning power or quicker entry into graduate school.