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The INBRE Program is designed to improve the competitiveness of biomedical research in the state of Nebraska. INBRE is supported by the National Institute of Health and the National Center for Research Resources. Ten undergraduate and three graduate schools in Nebraska work together to recognize the importance of biomedical research and to provide opportunities to pursue such cutting edge breakthroughs at the interface of biology, chemistry, physics, and medicine. Doane University is one of the undergraduate campuses.

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Faculty and Associates

INBRE Scholars

INBRE Scholars are science students selected during their sophomore year of college.  They are given a two year opportunity to participate in biomedical research with research active faculty. This research is conducted in the laboratories of the participating institutions. INBRE Scholars also attend a Research Fundamentals workshop located at one of the three graduate school colleges. At Doane University, up to three selected INBRE scholars will receive a research stipend and room and board to participate in an intensive 10 week summer program on bioinformatics and biomedical research.   This is the summer between their sophomore and junior year.  The scholars will return to Doane and continue to receive financial support to conduct biomedical/bioinformatics research during their junior academic year, junior/senior summer and senior academic year.  Scholars will meet weekly for Biomedical Research Seminar and will participate in regional and perhaps national conferences to present their research.  Scholars completing the program requirements, achieving the minimum graduate school entrance requirements including GPA and GRE scores and accepted into a program at UN-L, UNMC or Creighton Medical Center will receive a stipend and tuition waiver for their first year of graduate school. 


2nd Year Scholars:

kylaronhovdeKyla Ronhovde:

Kyla Ronhovde graduated from Waverly High School and is a senior biochemistry major. Kyla is working under Dr. Andrea Holmes and Dr. Kerry Lucas in the INBRE program. After she graduates from Doane she will be headed to graduate school at either University of Nebraska-Lincoln or Iowa State University for a doctoral degree in agronomy.

"The INBRE program provided me with the valuable core research foundation that is essential for graduate school. Through the INBRE program I have met students and professors from all across Nebraska and encourage anyone interested in biomedical research to consider this program."

garrettpaulmanGarrett Paulman:

Garrett Paulman graduated from Sutherland High School, in Sutherland, NE. He is a senior Chemistry major. Garret is working with Dr. Erin Wilson in the INBRE program. After he graduates form Doane, he plans on attending University of Nebraska and Lincoln or Iowa State University to earn a masters in chemical engineering.

"I became immediately intrigued with chemistry because I had an awesome teacher, Mr. Omalley. Later, I worked as a farmhand where I got to deal with biological and chemical processes first hand further intriguing my interest."


1st Year Scholars:

CrystalVanderZandenCrystal VanderZanden:

Crystal Vander Zanden is a junior biochemistry major with a music minor.  She graduated from Glendale High School in Glendale, AZ. She is working for Dr. Erin Wilson through the INBRE program. After she graduates from Doane she hopes to enter an MD/PhD program or a regular PhD program.

She says about INBRE: "Great opportunity to do research and learn a lot"


JacobFrancisJacob Francis:

Jacob Francis is a junior chemistry major with an art minor. He graduated from Wilber-Clatonia high school in Wilber, NE. He is currently working for Dr. Andrea Holmes. Jacob has a wide variety of plans that he is looking at pursuing after graduating from Doane. He is considering going to graduate school for inorganic chemistry, although he is seriously contemplating deferring graduate school for a year so he can backpack around Asia. He may also go back to school to obtain his art degree in pottery.

"To any students thinking about coming to Doane let me just say that my choice to attend Doane University has been one of the best decisions I have made in my whole life. The caliber of the education I've received has been excellent. I can confidently say that I have made life long friends here at Doane. Doane has giving me opportunities I may have never received at another undergraduate institution such as the INBRE program."

kelseybrantKelsey Bryant:

Kelsey Bryant is a junior biology major with a minor in chemistry. She graduated from Lincoln Southwest High School in Lincoln, NE. She is working for Dr. Kate Marley through the INBRE program. She is unsure about the exact path she wants to take after graduating college, but she is looking into graduate school, MD/PhD programs, and more recently, pharmacy school.

"One thing that I know for certain is the passion that I have for science. I am not only intrigued by science but also by learning anything new involving the sciences. I feel fortunate to have had the educational opportunities that have been presented to me."


New Scholars:

tylerohlmanTyler Ohlman:

Tyler Ohlman is sophomore biochemistry major. He graduated from Lincoln East High School in Lincoln, NE. After graduating from Doane, he is tentatively planning on attending graduate school and perusing a career in research.




mitchelltrauernichtMitchell Trauernicht:

Mitch Trauernicht is a junior chemistry major. He graduated from Sterling High School in Sterling, NE. After Doane he plans on attending either University of Nebraska Medical Center or Columbia University Medical Center for college of pharmacy.

"Doane is a great college for not only learning from your professors but to actually have the opportunity to get to know them and allow them to know you."


nicklukensNick Lukens:

Nick Lukens is a sophomore biochemistry pre-medicine major with a music minor. He graduated from Pierce High School in Pierce, NE. He is planning to go to medical school, after graduating from Doane, to get an MD or an MD/PhD.




NSF funded Undergraduate Students:

jordangroathouseJordan Groathouse:

Jordan Groathouse is a junior biochemistry major. She graduated form Crete High School in Crete, NE. She is working for Dr. Andrea Holmes through the INBRE program. After she graduates from Doane she is planning on attending Veterinary school.




jordan beaberJordan Beaber:

Jordan Beaber is a junior chemistry major. He graduated from Quincy Notre Dame High School in Quincy, IL. He is currently working for Dr. Andrea Holmes. He has not narrowed down his choices for what he wants to do after graduating from Doane. He is still learning about different areas of Chemistry and all of them seem very intriguing to him.

"My decision to attend Doane was not the reason that I am here now. I came to Doane to play football, got injured and stayed for the education. The experience given at Doane is best described as personable. I know every professor in my field and their doors are always open. Doane is an open and friendly community and everyone is willing to help if you ask."


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