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Jennifer Osterman

Jennifer Osterman

I have researched other programs like this in the past, but none of them met the same expectations that I’ve come to experience at Doane with this program.

Headshot of Chris Goplin

Chris Goplin

Grand Island
Health Science

Thank you to everybody who’s helped me, nobody gets where they want to go by themselves.

Image of the Olsen Taylor Family

Olsen Taylor Family

We want other students to enjoy the same amazing experiences we had at Doane and foster relationships with their peers who will become even better friends as alumni. - Rev. Walter Olsen

Image of India Williams

India Williams

Kansas City
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

I take pride in helping others accomplish their educational goals. I will always be a Tiger!

Headshot of Paige Hild nee Benner

Paige Hild (nee Benner)

Central City
Exercise Science

I liked the small class sizes where I felt comfortable enough to ask questions and the professors knew me.

Headshot of Doane Alumni Kristi Pawlowski

Kristi Pawlowski

Master of Arts in Counseling | Mental Health Counselor with Lincoln Wellness Group

Doane met me at my level. There were classes that were challenging. I have distinct bodies of learning I draw from.

A Headshot of Andrew Cano

Andrew Cano

Instructional Design & Technology

Every single class is a skillset I need for this job; this is the first degree I’m pursuing where I know exactly what I want out of it.

Photo of Grand Island Alum Danna Burchess

Danna Burchess

Gillette, WY
Accounting | Vice President/BSA Officer, First National Bank of Gillette

I would not be where I am today without Doane in Grand Island. It opened doors. The experience was phenomenal. I’d do it again.

Photo of Shawna York '19

Shawna M. York

Grand Island, Nebraska
Real Estate Appraiser | Organizational Communication

They go out of their way to make sure you have what you need. I just wish I had known about it a long time ago.

Photo of Chris Goplin the Respiratory Care Supervisor at CHI Health St. Francis

Chris Goplin

Grand Island, Nebraska
Health Science | Respiratory Care Supervisor, CHI Health St. Francis

The people that you meet in those programs really do make you rethink your education and what it means to continue to obtain higher levels of education.

Photo of Grand Island Alum Phoukham Manivong

Phoukham Manivong

Grand Island, Nebraska
Master of Arts in Management

I initially thought about the big state school - but I felt like I was a number instead of an actual person.

Photo of Police Captain Dean Elliot of the Grand Island Police Department

Dean Elliot

Grand Island, Nebraska
Master of Arts in Management | Police Captain, Grand Island Police Department

For me, the ability to go someplace that was local, that I didn’t have to drive 40 or 50 or 60 miles to get to a class, that was huge.

Kelli Albracht

Arlington, Nebraska
Graphic Design

When I visited Doane if felt more like home, when I came here, I felt really comfortable.

Ryan Yu


Doane is a good college. It is located in a very peaceful town.

Jasmine Du

Hebei Province, China

I appreciate the faculty members who really care about the growth and future of their students.

Sean Murray

Panama City, Panama

Get all of your paperwork done. That’s the hard part.

Cynthia Liu

Baoding, China

I think studying in a different country is the most precious experience in one’s life.

Jessica Olson

Open Learning Academy allowed me to finish my prerequisites and apply to optometry school on time. Doane gave me the opportunity to continue following my dream from home.

a photo of Miranda McCarty

Miranda McCarty

I can honestly say that Doane University has been the best school I have ever worked with. Every step was a breeze from enrollment to completing my course

a photo of Carson Moore

Carson Moore

I have taken other science courses online and they do not compare with how well this course was designed. The way these courses are designed ensures that we're learning the material while providing practical hands-on lessons and assignments.

Lauren Schmidt

Lauren Schmidt

Deshler, Nebraska
Accounting and Business Administration

At Doane, I'm able to pursue all of my passions while obtaining an accounting degree that prepares me to sit for the CPA exam.

Helena Valquier-Flynn

Helena Valquier-Flynn

Nebraska City, Nebraska

Studying at Doane has been one of the best experiences—I've been able to conduct research, present at conferences, and have my work published.

Sandro Aldana

Sandro Aldana

Spring Valley, Illinois

I was searching for a school where I could pursue both my passion for engineering and soccer.

Dalton Fellows

Dalton Fellows

Omaha, Nebraska

Engineering isn't an easy major, no matter where you go. However, having professors here that want you to succeed and will help you any way they can makes it easier.

Lesly Thumbnail

Lesly Cayetano

Human Relations

As an adult learner, it’s a good feeling to know you’re with people from different cultures and backgrounds and that we all accept each other.

Bret Andrew

Casper, Wyoming

Doane has been awesome about helping me with my schedule so I can focus my energy on all of my interests.

Picture of Hannah Allfree

Hannah Allfree

Ithaca, Nebraska
Elementary Education

I love the education program so much because everyone has such a passion for what they're doing. It was just a perfect fit.

Picture of Kenny Benraty

Kenny Benraty

Portsmouth, Virginia
Political Science and Law, Politics & Society

I just knew Doane was the place. I got a feeling in my stomach and I rode it all the way.

Ed Cope - Adult Learner

Ed Cope

Information Systems & Technology

Doane has been very flexible with the National Guard. That just shows you how much Doane cares about their students.

Teja Taylor - Adult Learner

Teja Taylor

Criminal Justice

Doane helps you build your own foundation. Here's all your tools, what are you going to do with it?

Lisa Utterback

Lisa Utterback

Master of Education

As a direct result of Doane University, I'm able to make a difference in the lives of people each and every day.

Mariana Muñoz de Schell - Masters of Arts in Management

Mariana Muñoz de Schell

Master of Arts in Management, Leading Edge

Earning my shield at Doane has changed my life.

Sisters Christina & Mana Farahani

Christina & Mana Farahani

Master of Arts in Management, Leading Edge

We've had such a great experience at Doane with the people, the classes, being able to lead and manage in our outside lives, professionally and personally.

Levi Bennett - Master of Arts in Management, Developing Leadership Emphasis

Levi Bennett

Master of Arts in Management, Developing Leader Coaches Capstone

I know I am a better husband, father, and person for attending Doane.

Marissa DeWispelare - Math with an emphasis in Secondary Education

Marissa DeWispelare

David City, Nebraska
Math with an emphasis in Secondary Education

The education department here is phenomenal. I knew that this was the place to be if I wanted to be a teacher.

Jasmin Sandoval - Biology and Psychology Majors

Jasmin Sandoval

Marysville, Washington
Biology and Psychology

I call Doane my second home because of all the friends I’ve made here, the small community and the welcoming environment.

Drew Hostert - Fitness Management

Drew Hostert

Omaha, Nebraska
Health and Human Performance

The connections I've made over the years sets my college experience at Doane apart.

De'Andre Miller - Filmmaking

De'Andre Miller

Los Angeles, California

It’s an environment that you can grow in and be comfortable in even if you're far away from home.

Lavance Reed - Sociology Major

Lavance Reed

Garden Grove, California
Sociology, emphasis in Criminology

The thing I love most about Doane is that there are no limits here.