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Ryan Yu '21

Ryan Yu '21



Doane is a good college. It is located in a very peaceful town.

Ryan Yu is an industrious young man from China who couldn’t pass up a good deal when he heard about it. A friend of his told him about something called an Elite Dual Degree Program from a small American university called Doane. This friend told him, he could start his college education at Doane, and then finish his studies at a place like Columbia University, earning two bachelor’s degrees in the process. That’s all he had to hear.

“I think this is a good program,” Yu says. He has big plans for his future and dedication to his studies. He thinks Doane is the perfect place for a student to work.

“Doane is a good college; it is located in a very peaceful town,” Yu said in an interview. “I think this place is suitable for starting. They don’t have a lot of things to distract you from your studies.”


Yu’s favorite class is calculus because the language barrier isn’t such an issue for him in math. But even when he does need help with the words, his professors are there for him.

“My advisor is very kind. He is very helpful if I have any problems. He would like to help me to solve these problems, so if I have any questions I can ask him, and he can help me to make a decision.”

When he’s not in class, you can find Yu in the library studying, but even super scholars need a break every once in a while.“Some afternoons I have a nap on the sofa in the library. The sunlight is just too good.”



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