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Kristi Pawlowski 2016

Kristi Pawlowski 2016

Master of Arts in Counseling | Mental Health Counselor with Lincoln Wellness Group

Doane met me at my level. There were classes that were challenging. I have distinct bodies of learning I draw from.

For Kristi Pawlowski, listening is everything. Really listening, nonjudgmentally and without agenda. It’s what she does for a living as a private practice mental health counselor with Lincoln Wellness Group.

“Truly listening, and that is, I almost thought that was something so simplistic, but it is the one quality that Doane reiterated time and time again: the value of listening,” she says. “I learned from Doane to listen. Clients can sense that, if you’re real.”

Kristi completed Doane’s Master of Arts in Counseling course in 2016, after having already worked in the human relations and substance abuse recovery fields. She says Doane helped her refine her lived experience with new learning to become a more effective counselor.

“I realized so many addicts I was working with had mental health issues, so I wanted to have more knowledge where I could better serve that population, because a lot of it is co-occurring,” she says. “Doane met me at my level. There were classes that were challenging. I have distinct bodies of learning I draw from.”

Kristi says sometimes it was hard seeking a masters degree while working full-time, but “there was no option for slacking.” She says Doane’s faculty and staff were extremely supportive of her and her educational goals.

“Prof. Jean Kilnoski has always been a tremendous advocate of me; extremely supportive,” Kristi says. “Doane knows you on a first name basis and gets to know about you. They ask you those questions.”

Kristi has her master’s degree but she continues to learn and grow as a member of the Doane family as she continues to settle and mature in her counseling career.

“Within the last month I did two continuing education seminars,” she says. “You see peers, you meet people at these events and you’re excited to see them. I look at my self-growth and it actually amazes me, when I’m reflecting. I feel like gosh, I feel like I’ve been doing this for a long time.”

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