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Jasmine Du '19

Jasmine Du '19

Hebei Province, China

Economics  | Business

I appreciate the faculty members who really care about the growth and future of their students.

Like most Chinese students at Doane University, Jasmine came to Crete through Doane’s 2+2 partnership with Hebei Agricultural University. The program allows students from China to start their college education in their home country, and then finish it at Doane University in the United States.

“I think the program is perfect because the two universities are cooperating,” Du said in an interview. “We don’t have to meet lots of (immigration) requirements so we get to come here. It makes the process much easier for us.” Du appreciates the efforts that faculty and fellow students at Doane have made to welcome her. She says she feels more like a part of the community at Doane than she thinks she would have in a bigger city.


“I have lots of friends who were in China and now studying abroad,” Du says. “They go to big cities in California or the East Coast, they went to lots of famous schools where there are lots of Chinese population. They just hang out with Chinese students, and even when they graduate, they don’t have American friends. But here, I have lots of American friends, and they all treat me very well.”


Du plans to pursue graduate school after she graduates from Doane. She then plans to return to China to seek work. But she also says she’s learned at Doane to keep an open mind toward the future.“That’s my plan, but I cannot guarantee I will make the plan and then realize it. Because I’ve realized in the past five years everything was not in my plan. I think I’ll just focus on the present, and do my best to do everything you can do now. Things will not be super bad.”



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