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Cynthia Liu '20

Cynthia Liu '20

Baoding, China

Economics  | Business Administration

I think studying in a different country is the most precious experience in one’s life.

Cynthia transferred to Doane University as a shy girl from China in the summer of 2017, taking advantage of Doane’s 2+2 Partnership with Hebei Agricultural University. She says the experience of studying in a foreign country has been the most significant of her life.

“I think studying in a different country is a different experience,” Liu said in an interview. “This experience is the most precious in one’s life. It can improve your English and can help you find more friends and have more different experiences.” Liu says the language barrier has been a particular challenge for her in her studies at Doane. But she says she’s received plenty of help and support throughout her time in America to try to work through the challenge and to grow as an English speaker.

“I think all the people at Doane are very good,” she says. “My roommate, my classmates, my professors, even the people I meet every day that I don’t know, they help me a lot. My partner in our geography class, he patiently spent more time with me together to finish our presentation. I think, two (English-speaking) students doing the presentation is more faster, but he helped me a lot.”

That’s what Earning Her Shield means to Cynthia, the extra effort to conquer the language barrier, but also the reward of a more promising future wherever she wants to pursue it.

“I need to use English to study. That’s a little difficult, but I need to work harder than other people. I think this, sometimes it’s tiring, but it can help me to learn more things.”



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