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Chris Goplin '19

Chris Goplin '19

Grand Island

Health Science

Thank you to everybody who’s helped me, nobody gets where they want to go by themselves.

Meet Chris Goplin, supervisor of respiratory care at CHI St. Francis in Grand Island. He’s been working in respiratory care for more than a decade, a job he “sort of fell into” straight out of high school.

“I’m so glad I did,” he says. “I’ve been an asthmatic my entire life, and then learned how to help people who struggle with breathing and lung disease. That was my way to get into it.”

Chris distinguished himself in his work, and was promoted to supervisory duties about three years ago. There was just one problem, the hospital required a bachelor’s degree to be a supervisor, and Chris didn’t have one.

“I started my program with the intention that I would get my bachelor’s degree and I would fulfill the requirements that some jobs actually make you have,” he says. “I just wanted to get this done and be done with it, but the people that you meet in those programs really do make you rethink your education and what it means to continue to obtain higher levels of education.”

Chris distinguished himself at Doane, too. He was named the 2019 Outstanding Graduate in Health Sciences and the overall Valedictorian for Grand Island that academic year. Doane’s curriculum honed Chris’ abilities as a leader.

“I had some amazing instructors,” he says. “Those were the classes were we started diving into what is leadership. Since I’m in a leadership role here, those classes were, I would say, more in my wheelhouse, and I found them very interesting.”

Chris’ job is a demanding one, and he’s a family man, but he still found ways to achieve at Doane.

“I’m in every sense of the word a nontraditional student,” he says. “I think that’s what Doane does so extremely well, they tailor that program for the people who are exactly like me. We need full-time jobs to support our families. I have two children and a wife at home. It’s all about tailoring those programs to make it successful for you.”

Chris got the bachelor’s degree he needed, and much more from Doane. He’s already planning on enrolling in a graduate program at Doane next year, and is excited for what comes next.

“To some degree anyone who gets out of college and looks at their life going ‘I want to be financially stable; I want to have a family; I want to be able to do everything I see my friends doing,’ or whatever it may be,” he says. “I want to have a life. I want life to happen. You don’t have to be afraid of that.”

Chris knows no one gets to where they’re going alone. It takes the students, peers, professors, families, staff and alumni to define a Doane Experience.

“Thank you to everybody who’s helped me,” he says. “Nobody gets where they want to go by themselves.”

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