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Returning Home

Returning Home

Getting Settled and Preparing for Next Semester

You’ve had a wonderful experience, met lovely people, had amazing food and now it’s time to pack up and head back home to Doane. You still have responsibilities, and as you're getting ready to come home, don't forget some critical logistical steps!

Enrollment: Make sure you enroll for next semester's classes on time even if you are still abroad.

Scholarships: Follow up on the awards you have received. They might have a report-back requirement for after you return.

Evaluation: Complete an online study abroad program evaluation.

Share: Submit photos of your journey to the Study Abroad Photo Contest.

Re-Acclimating to Life at Home

Coming back to Doane and your life after being away can be both relieving and upsetting. It is normal to have mixed emotions about your return home. Reverse culture shock is a real thing and can create a rougher transition back than expected.
Reverse culture shock can show itself as:

  • Feeling different about certain aspects of the United States, your family, friends, and your education
  • Missing the country you stayed in, the people you met, or the experience of traveling
  • No longer being interested in what you were before you left
  • You are emotional about your return home

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