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Study Abroad Resources

Study Abroad Resources

Preparing to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a process that begins before you submit your application. We've gathered sources for students on topics such as speaking with your family on studying abroad, cultural etiquette, and resources from the State Department on how to stay safe and enjoy your study abroad experience.

USA Study Abroad includes Open Online Courses, Webinars, Health and Safety Information, as well as disability-related question sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study) is one of the oldest, largest, and most trusted cultural exchange organizations in the world. Here you'll find information on how to speak with your family about your wish to study abroad. You'll find country-specific information such as travel advisory warnings, customs and import restrictions, and more. 

It’s essential to plan for your study abroad experience. We recommend you begin these steps at least one semester ahead of your trip.

  • For Summer and Fall: Begin preparing in March
  • For Winter Break and Spring Study Abroad: Begin preparing in October
  • Please note: Check your program’s application deadline as they may be due six or more months ahead of the program start date.

1. Consultation

The best place to begin your study abroad experience is to schedule a consultation with Doane’s Office of International Program. Before your meeting, consider why you want to study overseas - different culture experiences, degree qualifications, and requirements, language, etc. - we can offer guidance as you embark on your journey.

Louisa Ehrlich
Associate Director of International Programs
International Programs

2. Searching Available Opportunities & Submitting Your Application

Search through available partnership programs to determine where you want to study abroad. Follow up with Jake Hoy-Elswick in person or via email. Apply for your program of interest. Make sure to follow all of the application steps, as indicated by your program/host University.

View Current Faculty-Led Opportunities

View Semester Abroad and Summer Study Opportunities

Obtain Your Passport

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a passport well in advance. This process can take up to 6-8 weeks and is necessary for all international travel and VISA applications.

Apply for Your Passport

Obtain a Visa (If Applicable)

Depending on which country you are traveling to, you may be required to apply for and be granted a student visa before entry to that country. You may be able to apply for a student visa when you arrive. Check your host country’s visa requirements or consult with Doane’s Office of International Program if you need assistance in this process.

U.S.A Visa Details

3. Doane’s Travel Course Documentation

  1. Fill out and submit the online Travel Course Study Abroad Approval Form
  2. Print and complete the following forms:
  3. Include the following documents:
    • A copy of your passport
    • A copy of your entry Visa (if required)
    • A copy of the front and back of your U.S. health insurance card
  4. Submit the completed packet to your faculty sponsor before the due date

Logistical Planning

If you have additional questions about finances, flights, etc. before your orientation, schedule a meeting or send an email to the Office of International Programs.

4. Complete Study Abroad Orientation

Student Orientation

Students are required to complete a series of four online modules in the months before your study abroad experience. These modules have assigned deadlines for completion upon international enrollment. These courses are designed to help you complete the necessary forms (transcript transfer, medical documentation, etc.) and will help you develop intercultural awareness/competencies needed for adaptation and integration in your host country.

Once you have completed the online orientation, schedule an in-person orientation with the Office of International Programs.

Parent Orientation

Parent orientation will also be held to address parental questions and concerns. If your parents are unable to attend, the information is sent via email, and they will have the opportunity to connect the Office of International Programs via phone or email to answer any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earning Doane Credit

Studying abroad will satisfy the Experiential Learning component of the Core Curriculum, a requirement of your degree from Doane. If you believe that any of the classes you are taking while abroad will satisfy other class requirements related to your major or minor, contact both your academic advisor and the Registrar before your trip.

Grades for non-language majors post as pass/fail on your transcript. This scale gives you the best opportunity to learn while also exploring a new country. However, this would mean any D you receive abroad, would be posted as an F.
If you have over 60-hours in credit hours, surpassing sophomore standing, you may be eligible to receive a $1,000 travel scholarship provided by Doane University.

If you are a language major: 

If you are in the Honors Program:

If your classes change while you are studying abroad, the Registrar must be notified via email at

Financial Aid

Students must be enrolled in OFF-400 for 12 credit hours for both semesters, and year-long study abroad trips. After applying for financial aid and scholarships, the student must enroll for loan deferment, insurance, etc. To find out which types of financial aid and scholarships your student is eligible for during Summer Study Abroad, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Office

Doane's Travel Scholarship

Students can use their $1,000 travel scholarship towards studying abroad during the fall, spring, or summer as long as they are taking a minimum of three credit hours.

Students in a program that requires studying abroad can receive scholarships and aid for a full semester, or $2,000 for a summer experience. Students in the Honors Program must enroll in ISEP study abroad programs to be eligible to receive full funding for a semester or the $2,000 for the summer program.

Insurance Requirements

Doane has established insurance requirements for you to study abroad. This condition is for the safety of our students and to ease approaching unexpected accidents or health issues. You can obtain this type of insurance coverage through your own personal Provider Insurance or through iNext International Insurance.

There are many options for insurance, and your family's insurance provider may also offer a type of short-term international insurance. Be sure to select the option that is most appropriate for you. Please note, some study abroad centers or programs will provide the necessary amount of insurance or may require additional insurance coverage.

Doane's Insurance Requirements

  • Accident and Medical: $50,000
  • Sickness and Hospitalization: $165/a day
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: $65,000
  • Repatriation of Remains: $15,000