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Internship Information

Internship Information


Internships offer you an opportunity to obtain a learning experience that builds on your academic coursework. You will develop specific learning objectives and evaluate how you are meeting those objectives. According to a recent survey of 259 service, manufacturing and nonprofit employers, 61% of those employer's new hires had some type of internship experience. Additionally, 24% of those employers hired students who interned with them.

Before you can do an internship you must take CED 205, Introduction to Field Experience. This four-week class will prepare you for the internship through career research, resume development and orientation to internship procedures. It is recommended that you take this class in your first year at Doane.

To do an internship you must have sophomore status or higher, have passed CED 205, and have at least a 2.0 GPA. You can apply up to 12 credit hours toward graduation. A faculty member in the discipline whose internship number you are using must agree to be your faculty sponsor and approve the internship.

Some internship points to remember:

  • Internships have a learning element. Look for an opportunity that gives you the chance to put your classroom learning into practice. Look for internships that offer substance in the work you will be asked to do.
  • Internships may or may not be paid. Paid internships may be a flat sum or hourly wage.
  • Internships may or may not be for credit. Either way, the experience you are gaining will be valuable. Credited internships will be included on your academic transcript and also provide more structure and evaluation for you.
  • The Career Development Office and professors can provide you with advice and information about internships, however, securing an internship is up to you.