Graduate & Professional School


Deciding whether you want to go to graduate or professional school after Doane can sometimes be overwhelming. The links below can provide helpful information and give you a timeline.


*In Graduate School Career Field
 10%  Arts and sciences
 11%  Primary, secondary, or higher education
 6%  Business (management, marketing, banking)
 55%  Health professional (doctors, nurses, counseling)
 18%  Other

University / Graduate School 

 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
 Doane University - Graduate Program
 Tulane School of Public Health & Medicine
 Luther Seminary
 SIT Graduate Institute
 UNMC College of Dentistry
 University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)
 University of Nebraska-Omaha
 University of Santa Clara
 University of Wyoming
 Stanford University
 University of Nebraska at Kearney
 Kansas State
 Rocky Vista University College
 UNL - Veterinary
 Iowa State University - Veterinary
 Emporia State University
 Columbia Theological Seminary
 Nebraska Wesleyan University

*data collected from 2008 graduates.



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