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At the Career Fair

At the Career Fair

1. Prioritize/Strategize

  • Review the list of employers (At the career fair, you will receive a printed list that includes a short description of the organization.)
    • To whom do you most want to speak? Plan to approach your top choices after you've spoken to a few other employers.
  • Research on the run
    • If you haven't already researched the organization, review the information the employers have with them today before approaching them.
    • You can use the "hit and run" method - go by the table when someone else is talking to the employer, pick up some literature and approach them after you've reviewed it.
    • Even better, try "working in pairs," - let a friend pick up the information for you allowing you to review it before approaching the employer. 


2. Connecting with Employers

  • First impressions count
    • Check a mirror. No gum. Drink some water, grab a mint so that you will pass the "fresh test."
    • Approach employers with a firm handshake. Remember to stand tall, make eye contact and smile.
  • Be positive! Be confident!
    • Emphasize your skills and personal qualities. Do not dwell on any qualifications the employer wants that you do not have.
  • Be ready for a dialogue
    • Know enough about the organization and career field to ask good questions.
  • Be assertive
    • Hand your resume to employers and ask for their business cards.
    • Ask for an interview!
  • Collect your thoughts
    • Leave the area periodically. Write notes on the conversations you've had so far, decide who you'll approach next.
  • Just gathering information?
  • Ask employers for additional sources of information such as people, web sites, books and professional associations. 


3. Need Help?

  • Come to the career center.
  • At the fair, look for a career development staff member at the career center.