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Incoming Students

Incoming Students

  1. Invest in silverware and washable dishes instead of plastic and paper.

  2. See if a friend or someone you know has old furniture like lofts and futons that will let you use for your dorm. Make sure to check and see if your dorm allows outside furniture first.
  3. Recycled paper notebooks and printing paper are just as affordable as regular bleached paper.
  4. There are cheap and affordable water filters like Britta that effectively clean the campus water so you don't have to continuously buy bottled water.
  5. Nalgene bottles and travel thermoses are perfect for taking your favorite drinks to class, and they can be reused hundreds of times.
  6. Paper or plastic? NEITHER! Try bringing a canvas bag with you to the store!
  7. Air drying clothes saves energy and laundry money!
  8. Want some sweet new clothes for college? There are plenty of clothes made from eco-friendly fibers like hemp and bamboo that make a great green statement at school.
  9. Try going trayless in the cafeteria. This saves water that would be used to wash the not so necessary trays.
  10. Instead of driving to class, try biking or walking.
  11. If you bring a lighting fixture, equip it with compact fluorescent lights to save energy.