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Forming the Club

Forming the Club

The Story of Doane Rugby
Founders: Andy Joseph, Jesse Koenig, Quint Geis

It was early 2011 and three men, Andy Joseph, Jesse Koenig and Quint Geis were sitting in suite 105 in Hansen.  They were talking about extreme sports that they could play and Andy brought up rugby.  His brother had played overseas and loved it. Then Jesse chimed in and spoke about his brother's experiences at Wayne State playing rugby.  After talking about it for awhile the idea was formed to start a rugby club.  Jesse got on his phone with his brother and got some information about who they could contact to get it started.  Within the next few days they got so excited that they hunted down a place to get a ball.  The three of them made a trip to Omaha to get a ball from a sporting goods store.  Right after they got it they started tossing it around in the parking lot because they were so pumped to start playing.  Before too long Darrin Barner, Wayne States Head Coach, came down to help them get started and then they got in contact with Austin "Country" Jefferies. Eventually after some practices Country decided to become the head coach and Doane Rugby was born.

The Team
The Founding Team
"I think I can speak for both Andy and Jesse when I say that we are proud of the Doane Rugby family and its achievements thus far.  We see a bright future before us." - Quint Geis