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Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Through a Doane Learning Community, students have the unique opportunity to experience how subjects and ideas are interconnected - how they relate to one another.  Students engaged through a Doane Learning Community experience connections and ideas, engage in learning in an interdisciplinary setting, develop useful strategies and skills, get to know new friends and faculty, and have fun in a unique learning environment.

Doane Learning Communities take different forms - from students in different courses working together on a shared assignment; to students co-enrolling in multiple courses that are connected through multiple experiences; to single, thematic courses built around an interdisciplinary theme and taught by faculty from multiple disciplines.

Below is an example of a thematic Doane Learning Community currently offered:

A Human Rights Journey

Tuesday & THURDAY from 1:00 – 3:30PM

6 credits (3 credits earned for LAR 101-and 3 credits earned for PRe 111)

Alec Engebretson, PhD, Professor of Information Science and Technology; and

Linda Kalbach, PhD, Associate Professor of Education


This course will take you on an intellectual, human rights and human wrongs journey.  The destination is social consciousness with an eye towards action.  You will have a compass of truth and ethics to guide you on this journey.  However, you must first uncover and calibrate this compass. To help you with this calibration, two overarching questions will be addressed:  (1)  What role do one’s personal experiences and beliefs about truth and ethics play in shaping one’s perspective on human rights and human wrongs?   (2)  What role do one’s personal experiences and beliefs about truth and ethics play in shaping one’s social consciousness?