Student Tax Information (1098-T)

Student 1098-T Tax Forms

Your 1098-T tax form will be added to WebAdvisor at the appropriate time during tax season.  We will post a link here when it becomes available for download.


  1. Why doesn’t (Box 1) reflect my tuition payments? (Box 1) has been left blank intentionally.
    We have reported the “Amount billed” for qualified tuition and required fees in (Box 2) of the 1098-T IRS form. It is your responsibility, along with your tax advisor, to determine the amount that should be reported as education credits on your tax return.
  2. How do I access my 1098-T online?
    To access the 1098-T, login to Web Advisor at Under Financial Information section select View my 1098-T Forms
  3. When will my 1098-T be available?
    In mid-January, you will receive an email from the Business Office when your 1098-T form has been uploaded to your WebAdvisor account.
  4. Will I receive an itemized “Year-To-Date Statement” listing my tuition payments?
    Year-To-Date statements will be mailed to your home address in mid-January to coincide with the 1098-T form. These statements are provided for tax purposes only and will assist you when filing your income tax report.
  5. What if I did not receive a 1098-T in the mail?
    You may view or print a copy by logging into WebAdvisor at Under Financial Information section select View my 1098-T Forms
  6. What if I am unable to see my 1098-T via my WebAdvisor?
    You may not have had qualified for tuition and required fee charges in 2017.

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