Burrage Hall and Colonial Hall Selection

Burrage and Colonial Halls are collectively known as the "Quads". Each building offers suites with 4 rooms attached to a main living area and a common bathroom. Built in 1966 the quads are a historic part of Doane University and a offer a unique living environment. 

Burrage and Colonial Hall Selection Process

Housing Form Due: TBD

Housing Selection: TBD

  1. Complete the Burrage and Colonial Hall selection form with the members of your group. Only one form needs to be submitted for each group.
  2. Submit the selection form to the Office of Residential Life and Education by TBD.
  3. The spokesperson, or designated representative, must attend Burrage and Colonial Housing Selection on TBD.

Printed selection forms are available in the Student Affairs Office in Perry Campus Center. Late housing forms will be accepted, however, all lottery points will be forfeited by the group.

Quads Selection Form.jpg

Post Selection Process

Housing assingment confirmation emails will be sent out on TuesdayApril 23th. Spokespersons will be asked to confirm the members of their group and the rooms they are living in. Any changes must be submitted by Friday, April 26th.

Breakage Fees

After completing housing selection students are subject to the following breakage fees:

Prior to June 1                                            $150.00

June 1 – July 31                                           $300.00

Aug 1 – Census Date                                 $450.00

Census Date and after                               No refund on housing

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