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  Women's Mentoring Group

The primary purposes of the mentoring program are to assist students of color in (a) making a smooth transition from high school to college life, (b) coping with obstacles that can occur on a predominately white campus, and (c) adjusting to academic challenges and routines. The mentors are trained and given the necessary tools to effectively address needs of first year students of color, which include tutoring, serving as a resource for social and personal opportunities, and linking first year students to off campus services that meet cultural needs. Activities consist of weekly meetings, ice cream social, off campus bowling, movie nights, a sleep over in the residence halls, attending campus sponsored events together, homecoming projects (making t-shirts to wear to the game, baking cookies to sell for a fundraiser event, and face paining for the children at the tailgate event), and end of the semester cookouts at MSS Directors house. The mentees access the multicultural support services travel program, which provides transportation to students that need rides to and from the airport, bus and train station, and other needed services.



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