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Discover something new, gather with family and friends, or get a quick bite. There’s a little of everything in Crete, from fast food to locally owned restaurants.

Artisan Mark
  • Address: 1144 Main Ave. 
  • Phone: 402-418-7228
Cristina’s Family Restaurant
  • Address: 1250 Redwood Ave.
  • Phone: 402-826-4533
Elle’s on Main
  • Address: 1103 Main Ave. 
  • Phone: 402-418-7101
Glady’s Antojitos Mejicanos
  • Address: 1041 Main Ave. 
  • Phone:402-826-3994
Great Wall
  • Address: 1535 Blue Acres Dr.
  • Phone: 402-826-1111
King Buffet
  • Address: 1005 NE-33
  • Phone: 402-826-5599
9th St. Bar & Grill
  • Address: 915 Main Ave. #1
  • Phone: 402-826-4040
Noa’s Deli
  • Address: 342 E. 13th St. 
  • Phone: 402-418-7141
Artisan Mark owner Elayne Woods Jones stands behind the coffeeshop's counter. Behind her, a long, exposed brick wall extends to seating at the back of the shop, with warm lights overhead.

Artisan Mark Coffee + Goods

Elayne Woods Jones ‘16L opened Artisan Mark Coffee + Goods in 2019 to provide Crete with good coffee and gluten-free treats, as well as another place to study and shop.

Doane campus in Create, NE

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