Student Concern Team (SCT)

If you have concerns that a friend, classmate, student or acquaintance is struggling at Doane and is considering or hinted at harming themselves or others report it immediately.  We can help!

There are several ways to do this:
1.  For immediate threats or attempts to harm themselves or others - Call 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone)
2.  For concerns over behavior that may be deemed threatening - Call (402) 826-8669 (Public Safety Office)
3.  Make an online confidential report -
4. Use our "See Something, Say Something" text program.  All you need to do is text "DOANESAFETY" and your message to 79516. 

The college does have a Student Concern Team (SCT).  Team members are listed below.
Student Concern Team -
Department Title Name Ext Building Email
Technology Help Desk Manager Friesen, AJ 8411 Communication Building
Student Affairs Director of Student Wellness and Campus Life Schlichting, Amy 8111 Perry Campus Center
Doane Omaha Campus and Outreach Director Greiman, Ann 4028916600 Omaha Campus
Academic Affairs Office Assistant Dean Hunke, Rebecca S 8286 Padour Walker 
Admission Office Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Deirckson, Carrie 8222 Education & Art Bldg.
Student Affairs Vice President of Student Affairs Petr, Carrie 8111 Perry Campus Center
Athletic Department Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Outreach Vance, Cody L 8549 Haddix Rec. & Athletic Ctr. 
Residence Life & Education Community Director Stewart, Emma C 8681 Frees Hall 
Academic Success Center Academic Specialist Mentor Program Coordinator Prince, Irene B 8564 Perry Campus Center
Academic Success Center Student Support Services Caldwell, Jeremy 8586 Student Support Center
Residence Life & Education Director of Student Health Jirovec, Kelly A 8265 Perry Campus Center
Residence Life & Education Mental Health Counselor Flaming, Kristal D 8551 Padour Walker
Student Affairs Director of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life Rediger Schulte, Leah N 8118 Perry Campus Center
President's Office Chief Diversity Officer Sotelo, Luis F 8116 Perry Campus Center
Residence Life & Education Assistant Director of Housing Operations Failor, Megan M 6721 Perry Campus Center
Library Director of Perkins Library With Faculty Rank of Assoc Prof Gomis, Melissa S 8568 Communication Building
Athletic Department Athletic Director Franzen, Matt 8583 Haddix Rec. & Athletic Ctr.
Residence Life & Education Director of Counseling Services Parsley, Myron D 6719 Butler
Financial Aid Office Financial Aid Counselor Murphy, Nancy M 8560 Padour Walker
Registrar Registrar - Office Assistant Stehlik, Patricia K 6745 Padour Walker
Business Office Student Accounts Payable Schmidt, Raquel 8578 Padour Walker
Academic Affairs Office First Year Academic Advisor Lake McKercher, Rhonda J 8612 Perry Campus Center
Public Safety Office Public Safety Director Hewitt, James R 8295 Padour Walker
Student Affairs Project Coordinator - Sexual Assault Education & Prevention Rogan, Suzannah R 8117 Perry Campus Center
Financial Aid Office Assistant Director of Financial Aid Keck, Todd W 8559 Padour Walker
Student Affairs Director of Multicultural Services Jackson, Wilma R 8620 Perry Campus Center

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