Student Account Services

Student Account Services

Pay Your Bill

Online Student billing is simple, convenient, secure and a paperless process.

  • It saves you time - no more waiting for the bill in the mail and you control who receives it
  • 24/7 access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Automatic e-mail notifications are sent to the student and authorized users when a new bill is issued.
  • Student and authorized user IDs and passwords are validated to ensure security and privacy of information

Students can allow parents and other authorized users access to:

  • View bills and make payments
  • Review new account activity
  • Access prior statements (and also print a copy of payments posted for employers or for tax purposes)

Students already accept financial aid, schedule classes, and check grades online at, why not make payments and view statements too?

  • Student Payment Instructions
  • Student Authorized Payer Setup

Find out more about how to get started making online payments

Direct deposits for student refunds:

In a continuing effort for Doane University to go "green" we are encouraging all students to enroll in direct deposit for their student account refunds.  Direct deposit allows for faster deposit of your refunds without the hassle of picking up and depositing a paper check.  Follow the steps below to set up your direct deposit.  

  • Click here to log into WebAdvisor
  • Choose "Students"
  • Under "Financial Information", choose "Registration Statement/Student Account Services"
  • From the message board, choose "Direct Deposit" 
  • From the direct deposit enrollment screen, fill out the account, billing address, and contact information.  


NBS Payment Plans

Doane University is pleased to offer the NBS monthly payment plan to help students more easily afford their educational expense.  

This is a tuition management plan that provides a low cost plan for budgeting tuition and other education expenses. It is not a loan program; therefore, there is no debt, no interest or finance charges assessed, and no credit checks. NBS charges a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25 per semester.

To find out more about NBS payment plans, contact the Doane University Business Office at (402) 826-8250 or:

Get help if you forgot your username (click 'What's my user ID') and password.

Steps for using the NBS payment plan:

  1. Log into WebAdvisor
  2. Select "Registration Statement/Student Account "Services"
  3. Follow the instructions to set up the payment plan.

If you would like your parent or other authorized payer to sign up for a payment plan for you, see the instructions for Student Authorized Payer Setup

Authorized Payers: Once your student has given you access, follow these Payment Plan Enrollment for Authorized Payer for the NBS Payment Plan.